Sunday, 11 March 2018

Long-March of Farmers- Govt.urged to address Core Issues of Farm-Crisis

Long-March of Farmers- Govt.urged to address Core Issues of Farm-Crisis 
Dated 11 march 2018
In light with massive response and rising supports from all parties to  the left wing Kisan sabha's farmers long March  has once again brought burning issue of on going agrarian crisis  related input output cost of cultivation ,failure of state run financial institutes to give timely and sufficient credit to debt trapped  dying farmers ,market intervention and poor relief and rehabilitation machinery  and schemes , Farm activist and Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavalamban Mission chairman Kishore Tiwari has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to re-look into the status of the government’s agrarian programme to resolve the farmers distress in dry-lands of the country.
In a letter to the PM, Tiwari  has drawn his attention to the disturbing facts which are fueling the prevailing unrest in agrarian community that even BJP state leadership has been trying it's level best to address the core issues of credit , crop and cost by giving mega loan waiver , creating irrigation facilities through water shade facilities ,massive electrification of agri-pump sets but hostile and unaccountable Babus and administration failed to provide  any relief to distress and needy farmers that has largely created atmosphere of non-confidence  among the farmers  .Tiwari has referred the issues of Govt. announcement of relief to 5 million cotton growers who suffered crop losses after pink boll-worm attack  which is being denied by all relief providing agencies which are NDRF , seed companies and crop insurance companies due to stringent norms recently introduced by Babus to keep the farmer out of relief network same is case of financial institutes and faulty RBI-NABARD  anti farmers policies as they failed to keep any deadline given state Govt. “This year the state has implemented mega agricultural debt, waiver and debt relief scheme to benefit around 6 million farmers but as the state has no direct control over functioning PSU banks, it failed to give timely and sufficient credit to needy and debt rapped farmers,” said Tiwari. 
Tiwari has also shown his displeasure over very poor intervention  of Govt  as all major crops like cotton,soyabin ,pulses ,paddy now Gram is being sold much below MSP thanks to very stringent  norms of NAFED and CCI hence it is high time to re-look in to on going unrest of farming  community .
Kishor Tiwari has urged BJP Govt. to give serious attention on the report of National Commission on Farmers (NCF) chairman M S Swaminathan which had focused on the rise in farmer suicides and recommended solutions through a holistic national policy for farmers. The report, submitted during the UPA regime, had listed among major causes of the agrarian crisis the unfinished agenda of land reforms, quantity and quality of water, technology fatigue, access, adequacy and timeliness of institutional credit, and opportunities for assured and remunerative marketing. Swaminathan had also sought shifting of agriculture to concurrent list.
Tiwari said in the letter that Maharashtra had started working on core issues raised in NCF report related to the areas of land, water, bio-resources, credit and insurance, technology and knowledge management, and markets aggressively. Yet, he pointed out that the ground reality that the government programme did not reach small and needy farmers.

“Farming is largely an un-organized sector. No systematic institutional and organizational planning is involved in cultivation, irrigation, harvesting etc. Institutional finance is not adequately available and minimum purchase price fixed by the government does not reach the poorest farmer. Traders and middlemen exploitation denies the best price for the produce to cultivators. There is need to promote farmers’ market where they can directly sell produce at reasonable prices to the consumers,” Tiwari elaborated.

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