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Task force report: Widen scope loan waiver to Tenancy (landless) farmers

Task force report: Widen scope loan waiver to  Tenancy (landless) farmers  
Date July 30, 2017
Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavalamban Mission (VNSSM) under the Chairmanship of Farm Activist Kishore Tiwari, urged maharshtra CM to include all Tenancy or landless farmers in the present mega loan waiver scheme as per provision of as per the expert committee report headed   T. Haque former chairman of the commission for agriculture costs and prices to Niti Aayog  which was constituted to review the existing agricultural tenancy laws of various states has suggested a model land leasing law to secure the ownership rights of land owners while also providing security of tenure to tenants. The committee has also called for the facilitation of access to bank credit and insurance for all tenants, including share croppers.
 VNSSM recently  having conducted in-depth study in farm suicide hit Yavatmal and Nanded district  has   highlighted  the plight of Landless Farmers in Vidarbha and Marathwada as a big issue as present mechanism of record keeping by village level , block  & Tehsil level working under Statutory provisions as covered by Land Laws especially Maharashtra Land Revenue Code (MLRC) read with provisions of Land Tenant Act as well as Land Ceiling Act , in all practical sense, now seems failed to protect the interest of these Landless Farmers papularly called "Maktedar " or " Bataidar " or " Kirayedar" ( Tenants of Agro Land ) and they all are subjected to big plights as all are virtually denied benefits of Govt or Social Security Schemes and thus worst sufferers as their Fundamental Rights are being infringement & deprived of Right to Live Dignified Live though they are major contributors of Agro Sector Growth, Tiwari added. .
VNSSM reports adds as such  the Govt machinery involved in implementation of lands laws to protect Rights of such Landless Farmers , they are worst effected since last several years. It's a great agony & extremely anguishing plight that these actual farmers are not recognized even for small social security benefits and in case of unfortunate incident of such Landless farmers , the poor family members denied basic benefits & helps.
The statistics shows that these actual farmers have never been recognized or paid a single Pai  under any Scheme as on Govt Records they are Landless Labourers only & not the Landless Farmers ,tiwari alleged
Real Root Cause of plights of Landless Farmers....!!
VNSSM found that villiage Talathi & Revenue Inspectors miserably failed  to keep & maintain true & correct land records so as to recognize such Maktedar or Bataidar or Kirayedar Tenants , mainly due to favor being extended to Landlord or Owners of said land actually under cultivation of such Maktedar or Bataidar or Kirayedar Tenants who have rights to get their names recorded in 7/12 Records so that such Landless Farmers can be entitled for all benefits n helps but  reality is different.
The loan repayment and interest waiver schemes don’t benefit the poor landless farmers - Bataidar or Kirayedar Tenants  who have availed credit by borrowing from the money lenders at usurious rates of interest leading to suicides. The large and rich farmers borrowing from commercial and co-operative institutions abuse these facilities lavishly living in big cities & playing political games in name of Farming Community or Kisan or Shetakari though fact is that they all are not Kisan or Shetakari for all practical sense,Tiwari added .
In light of above glaring reality, VNSSM has suggested following steps:
1) Land Records be maintained properly & factually as per provisions in MLRC which further need to be amended suitably in light of policy of Transparency & Cyber Laws.
2) Land Tenant Act needs to be amended suitably to safe guard interest of both Landlord & Tenants.
3) Land Ceiling Act be implemented in it's true sense & be amended to make implementation Officers more powerful & answerable.
4) All Landless Farmers engaged in actual Farming as Bataidar or Kirayedar Tenants be given farms agro Credits from Banks including recognition for all welfare & loan waiver Govt Schemes.

5) Widows & Wards of such Landless Farmers who suffered agony & plights suffering due to unfortunate incident of suicides should be considered for all benefits at par with regular farmers and must be givem benefit loan waiver ,Tiwari demanded .

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