Thursday, 29 June 2017

From Loan Waiver GR: Task-force urged Govt. to relax stringent conditions

From Loan Waiver GR: Task-force urged Govt. to relax stringent condition  
Dated -29th June
Further to chief minister Devendra Fadanvis’s appointment of mega farm loan waiver to the tune of Rs.34,000 crore ,Govt. issued  G R dtd 28/06/2017 on CSSSY - Chhatrapati Shivaji Shetakari Swabhiman Yojna  Loan Waiver Scheme where stringent conditions put by the Hopeless and Hostile Babus has been strongly objected and criticized by  Kishor tiwari Farm activist who is as chairman of special task force formed by Govt. of Maharashtra to address  prevailing agrarian crisis and to redress the issue of  ongoing farmers suicides of dry land drought affected   farmers of 14 districts of west Vidarbha and Marathwada and asked the  chief minister Devendra Fadanvis’s intervention to save dying debt trapped of farm suicide area as provisions of GR  is likely to keep maximum needy distressed farmers out  of farm loan net .
Tiwari asked CM to look into provisions in point on 1of GR that’s speaks about  all defaults less than 1.5 Lacs covered & defaulted amount is now stands waived, as this is not clear how that if defaulted amount is up to Rs. 1.5 lacs, the entire loan stands waived and 7/12 is virtually clean & clear and this has given benefits to more than 75% of farmers in Banks net when further provisions same GR contracts the first as point no 2 , needs little corrections because if the default amount is more than 1.5 Lacs, it contains rider that benefits will be given only when if default in excess of 1.5 lacs is cleared in given time by 30/06, which is too short practically, given the fact that the GR issued on 28/06 So, to clear this ambiguity, the said condition need to be deleted or modified to the extent that the benefits of loan waiver is up to Rs. 1.5 lacs only & in order to come out of default, the concerned farmers need to pay defaulted amount in given time as per mutual restructuring to be made by Banks by considering benefits up to Rs. 1.5 lacs as made by State.
This will help in removing ambiguity & it should be left to Banks & Beneficiary farmers to decide on restructuring possible as effect of benefits & credit of Rs.1.5 lacs loan amount in their respective Account so, State should leave it to Banks & Beneficiary to act, as State's role is restricted up to an amount of Rs. 1.5 lacs only to be made available uniformly without any disparity or ride, Tiwari asked  
Task force has also drawn attention of CM to the points to be amended which are the definition of family as given in GR is silent, if the Records of Rights - 7/12 contains joint family names of all brothers & sisters due to succession and though family separation is there, no proper entry is recorded on 7/12, If one of brother is income Tax payee or a person from a class which is ineligible as per riders given in GR, then what will happen to other joint holder of 7/12 who is otherwise eligible and  similarly, if Husband & Wife both are farmers in separate entities , having separate loan account on separate 7/12 along with separate liability, the present definition of family is causing great  injustice on such Wives & Hubby .
GR needs corrections to this extent to protect interest of such joint name holder in 7/12 who are actual farmers but due to other brothers on joint record if ineligible, shouldn't suffer. Tiwari also thanked CM to give special farm loan waiver incentives to farmers who have been repaying crop loan regularly  RBI should put compulsory for all PSU Banks to give fresh crop loan every farmers who has been  given loan waiver by the state ,but asked him to increase incentive amount from Rs.25000 to 1.50 lakh and also cover the self help groups who are having default of crop loan given by banks and micro finance companies ,Tiwari added.
As last year banks delayed the disbursement of crop loan till 15th of august 2016 hence cut of date should changed to 15th of august 2016 not 30th June 2016 ,Tiwari urged CM
GR stands salient on the loan given to farmers by microfinance companies to self help groups their debt needs to be addressed, Tiwari added. 

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