Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Apathy of NDA Govt towards Maharashtra agrarian Crisis continue as State wants Rs 4,500 crore, gets Rs 500 crore- After Supreme court Now NHRC ask Govt. on Farmers suicides

Apathy of NDA Govt  towards Maharashtra agrarian Crisis continue  as State wants Rs 4,500 crore, gets Rs 500 crore- After Supreme court Now NHRC ask Govt. on Farmers suicides
 Dated -18th February 2015
After Indian supreme court has shown serious concern over ongoing farmers suicides last week now taking suo motu cognizance of the newspaper reports that the Maharashtra government had denied compensation to the families of more than 2,700 farmers who have committed suicide since 2011 because of agricultural distress, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked the state government to explain its position within two weeks. When state Govt. has turned blind eye to Indian govt. too has rubbed slat to wounds of 9 million drought hit dying farmers by sanctioning  only Rs 500 crore of the Rs 4,500 crore assistance demanded by the state government to tackle the problem after exactly 3 months resulting more than 500 farmers suicides in Vidarbha and Marathawada  region ,this is mockery  of agrarian crisis and reflects apathy of NDA Govt. toward farmer suicide issue ,KIshore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan samiti(VJAS)  was reacting NDRF and central Govt.’s causal  approach of farm suicide issue   
When this year  Maharashtra the government officially declared that 60% of its villages were facing a severe drought of the century affecting almost 90 lakh farmers in state 23,811 of the state's 39,453 villages come in this category after complete kharif crop has been damaged adding fueled to existing farm crisis in the region where the highest number of farmer’s suicides reported in the country hence to address the very acute issue of farmers suicides it is critical time for  Indian Govt to provide time bound budgetary allocation to address agrarian crisis  on with complete focus on credit ,cost and crop issues which are only responsible rural economic crisis  but even after humiliating defeat in recent New Delhi election finance minister announcement to continue economic reforms  forth coming budget  unlikely  to adderss core issues of Indian rural crisis, Tiwari added.
VJAS has insisted finance ministry to provide much needed integrated plan which will the major demands of the farmers include- minimum support price (MSP) for cotton and soybean to match the cost of production with a 50 % profit margin, new crop loan to farmers after waiving their existing debt dues, bringing new technology in agriculture and irrigation. the provisions  Financial assistance for farm widows and higher education facilities to their wards along with food security and health security to distressed agrarian community should to part such solution plan which will stand in line with promises given by PM Modiji, Tiwari added in letter  to Indian Finance minster .

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