Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yavatmal reports four farmers suicides within 6 hours Today-Sudden drop in Cotton & Pluses Prices Triggered Distress

Yavatmal reports four farmers suicides within 6 hours Today-Sudden drop in Cotton & Pluses Prices  Triggered  Distress  
Yavatmal -28th January 2015
When indian Govt. celebrating the visit of US president obama ,it was the case with doctors of VN Govt. medical college yavatmal as they are busy in doing postpartum of four farmers bodies who have killed themselves due to agrarian distress after the market prices of only cash crop cotton and pluses suddenly crashed below minimum support price (MSP) and Govt. failed to give any relief adding much more despair to hardship of droghut hit dry land farmers of the vidarbha region which has claimed 62 farmers suicides in 2015 whereas last year as many as 1109 farmers committed suicides on average, 3,685 farmers in the state took their lives every year between 2004 to 2013 and year 2015  is likely to be  much more gloomy and disappointing for dying farmers as major cash crop cotton .soyabean and pluses has been badly damaged due to severe drought and there is huge  economic recession in agriculture produce due to international recession  as Indian Govt. failed to intervene stabilize the price   to protect distress agrarian community who are victims of free trade and open market economy  ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS), Activist group who is documenting farmers suicides in Vidarbha region informed in press release today.
‘I came to martury of VN Govt. medical college yavatmal to get the postpartum done of
1.Bansi Rathode of village bodadi in ghatanji taluka of yavatmal, but was shocked to see another dead body of
2.Devrao Bhagwat of village sonegoan in kalmb taluka of yavatmal already lying there but within two hours ,another two dead bodies of farmers
3.Prakash Kutarmare of village mohada in kelapur tahsil of yavatmal and
4. Tulsiram Rathode of village devnala kalmb taluka of yavatmal broghut here for postmartum ,I was told by reletives of these farmers that all four farmers committed suicide today due to distress and despair prevailing in the distrcit  ,Mohan Jadhav farm activist and secretary of  Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS), informed from VN Govt. medical college yavatmal ,praying the god not send any more farmers body for postpartum.
‘The state Govt. has announced relief package of Rs.7000 crore but in fact all farmers are being only Rs.4500 per farmer which is peanut and is adding fuel to distress as earlier  promises given by new Indian Govt. has completely betrayed it’s election   promise of giving sustainable minimum support price (MSP) with much hyped Modi’s formula of investment in cultivation plus 50% profit and restoration of fresh institutional credit to all debt trapped distressed farmers in agrarian crisis hit areas  has not been fulfilled ,Tiwari added.
VJAS once again urged PM Modiji of introducing the renowned farm scientist M S Swaminathan's formula for fixation of MSP which provides for cost plus 50 per cent remuneration to the farmers as the basis of fixation of MSP for agricultural crops should be looked into during the process of finalization of Union Budget for 2014-15 along with fresh intuitional credit restoration to every debt trapped farmers as that is only way to make agriculture far more sustainable besides ensuring no farmer was compelled to either leave this occupation or commit suicide.

As most of distressed  Small and marginal farmers who committing suicide are debt trapped hence complete loan waiver and  Fresh interest free short term crop loans whereas other farmers should be given crop loans at 2 per cent, urging for one time debt relief package should be provided for all farmers, Tiwari added.

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