Wednesday, 11 June 2014

VJAS Demands Judicial Probe on IB Report Foreign Funded NGOs

VJAS Demands Judicial Probe on IB Report Foreign Funded NGOs
Nagpur-12 June 2014
Activist group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) , working for rights of vidarbha farmers who are committing suicides  due to debt and innocent victimization of free trade and globalization  has urged Indian Govt. to order judicial probe on Intelligence Bureau report submitted to UPA Govt. alleging that the opposition to several development projects in the country by a significant number of NGOs, including Greenpeace, will have a negative impact on economic growth by two to three per cent adding that their international donors are also planning to target many fresh economic development projects including those in  NE ,Maharashtra and Gujarat .
“Our decade long  experience and close watch on  hostile functioning of Greenpeace and foreign funded NGOs in vidarbha  is very sad and shocking  as when we brought cotton farmers suicide on international and national radar in 2005 ,hundreds of NGO mostly funded from western countries jumped in and they hijacked and  diverted  ‘vidarbha farmers distress and despair’ toward their hidden agenda which is till continued hence we want complete judicial probe over the fund receipt and it’s utilization as Greenpeace has mentioned  its  vidarbha activities in its clarification on IB report”  Kishore Tiwari of VJAS informed in press release.
Greenpeace has been funding small NGO in vidarbha who been creating paper nuisance of environmental issues but all projects have come up smoothly putting question mark on its credentials . In Agrarian crisis driven west-vidarbha not only Greenpeace there are hundreds of NGO receiving funds mostly European countries to promote their agronomy and technology but it has no adoption in agrarian community moreover these fraudulent NGO has been utilizing farmers suicide issue for getting more fund by submitting bogus data, money received  by these NGOs are being misused political activities which is serious concern ,Tiwari added.
"There is very well organized cartel of foreign-funded NGOs working with its deep-rooted connection in media and political parties with  hidden agenda to take over the political power when all activists connected these foreign-funded NGOs suddenly joined Aam Adami Party (AAP) contested loksabha -2014 election ,having thought that magic of Delhi election continue but so called ‘Indian civil society’ has been thrown in dustbin by Indian people hence all allegations of creating political instability, stalling economic growth and apposing development project and introduction in technology in the name environment protection  is matter of detail scanning hence we are asking for judicial probe” Tiwari said.

When Greenpeace like foreign-funded NGOs who are now highly paid workers pure business house working pre-defined agenda ,have lost its legitimate national relevance and its creditability   at large should stop talking of high ethical values and human  rights ,after losing  moral authority to give NOC and clean chit to others till judicial probe come out with truth of most controversial IB allegations , Tiwari urged to NGOs.  

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