Saturday, 14 June 2014

Crisis of Prices and Crop Loan Worsen in Maharashtra : NDA Government urged to Intervene

Crisis of Prices and Crop Loan Worsen in Maharashtra : NDA  Government  urged to Intervene

Yavatmal -14 June 2014

The jubilation of distressed dry-land vidarbha farmers is loosing its shine in last one moth  as  farmers are being forced to sale  sorghum, groundnut ,soybean and  cotton below the minimum support price (MSP) where as farmers in vidarbha are not finding buyers for good quality  sorghum, groundnut  even at the half price of MSP same is condition crop loan disbursement by banks which is less 10% even after repeated announcements of pending crop loan reconstruction by state Govt.
'this is first time in last decade the rates sorghum, groundnut ,soybean and  cotton have crashed even-after poor monsoon predicament and non-disbursement crop loan to farmers is being looked as part of state Govt. conspiracy with help traders to punish framers who have voted them out of power hence we are asking Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi  to intervene for procurement of  sorghum, groundnut ,soybean and  cotton at MSP and ask NABARD to expedite crop loan disbursement" Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan samiti (VJAS) ,vidarbha farmers activist group informed today.

'after soybean and cotton crop failed ,farmers hopes were with sorghum and  groundnut  crop but prevailing rates are too low to imagination more over there is no buyers at these hostile rates that is adding fuel  to the existing despair hence we need healing touch from center .one side in west vidarbha administration has declared drought  and announced reconstruction pending crop loan but there are no orders with bankers hence only 10% farmers could mange to get fresh crop loan hence we need immediate review  of worsening agrarian crisis in vidarbha region' Tiwari said. 
This is complete agony that when PM was discussing expected food crisis due poor monsoon same time crisis driven farmers are forced sale agriculture produce like paddy ,pluses , sorghum and  groundnut  at throw way prices ,this is serious issue which is indicates that the complete agrarian economy is being controlled by handful market forces hence major task of NDA Govt. to curb these mafias first ,Tiwari added.
In Maharashtra it is reported that cotton crop cultivation area to cross one lakh hector after  PM has indicated that  new formula of calculating MSP by adding input cost and 50% profit of net investment but ground condition of procurement like today where farmers are desperately offloading  sorghum, groundnut,paddy and pluses will fuel the crisis and restart the farm suicide spirel,Tiwari warned the union Govt. with request to take regulatory measures 

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