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Vidarbha Farmers and Tribal oppose AAP’s ‘Pro-GM and Free Trade’ and ‘Anti food security scheme’ Candidate

Vidarbha Farmers and Tribal oppose AAP’s   ‘Pro-GM and Free Trade’ and ‘Anti food security scheme’ Candidate
Nagpur- March 10, 2014
AAP political affairs committee thin tank Adv. Prashant Bhushan has been questioned by 3 million cotton farmers and 5 million food starved tribal of vidarbha region over the AAP candidate from most farmers suicide hit parliamentary seat ‘Chandrapur-Wani-Kelapur’ Adv.Wamanrao Chatap who is close associate of Sharad Joshi and strong supporter of GM seed and globalization and much more shocking fact that he was running agitation against  food security bill  as AAP’s  economic policies are against monopolies of MNCs and Adv. Prashant Bhushan  has been fighting the case to ban BT. cotton and toxic Gm Food in India hence farmers activist group who is also fighting for universal food security to all tribal and dryland farmers has written letter asking AAP leaders to come clean on the candidature of Adv.Wamanrao Chatap and urged AAP to change the candidates in order to save AAP economic creditability in the nation , Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) informed in press release today

‘we are shocked with AAP candidates selection in vidarbha when Adv.Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav is working as core group members  PAC of AAP ,These leaders have been advocating since last two decades that monopolies of MNCs and free trade coupled GM seed technology is killing the vidarbha farmers and they have been demanding universal food security and now they are expecting anti-food security and pro-globalization and pro-GM seed lobbies are representing them in parliament resulting political hypocrisy moreover associating with Sharad Joshi  one hand and giving Medhatai Patkar AAP parliamentary ticket  shows big communication gap among leaders which is unfortunate’ Tiwari added  
Here are hostile stand of AAP candidate of Bt.cotton
We quote
Sharad Joshi supports Bt cotton
TNN | Mar 14, 2012, 03.39AM IST
NAGPUR: The battle is heating up between the pro- and anti-Bt cotton lobbies among farm activists. A fortnight after the parliamentary committee on agriculture visited the region to assess impact of use of genetically modified seeds, manufacturers of Bt cotton seeds have pitched veteran farm leader Sharad Joshi to plead their case.
He also plans to file a PIL against government for banning cotton exports, calling the decision to lift the embargo partially an eye wash.
The committee toured the country on the directions of Lok Sabha speaker and went back with largely negative feedback about the genetically modified BT cotton seed from Vidarbha. Joshi, the founder of Shetkari Sanghatana, along with Association of Bt-Led Enterprise (ABLE), an organization backed by companies making Bt seeds including US-based Monsanto, slammed the farm activists who opposed its use at a press conference here on Tuesday.
He accused Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) of serving vested interests, hinting towards the chemical pesticides industry. Joshi and ABLE claim that use of Bt cotton substantially reduces dependence on pesticides. VJAS and others say it has only increased the cost of cultivation leading to indebtedness of the farmers. Representatives of ABLE included Dr C D Mayee, former director of Nagpur-based Centre for Indian Cotton Research ( CICR).
The Sanghatana has written to PMO as well as Lok Sabha speaker quoting Mayee and executive director of ABLE Dr N Seetharama that a wrong picture of region's agriculture scene was portrayed before the committee. "Farm suicides are being wrongly linked with the use of Bt cotton. The seed has only helped improve the farmers' condition with high yields. The farm crisis is due to low rates given to cotton," said Joshi. He was accompanied by a handful of farmers supporting his claim.
None of the farmers was from the two villages of Yavatmal district-- Bhamraja and Maregaon-- where the committee got a substantial feedback against the Bt seeds. The gram panchayat in Bhamraja passed a resolution against the use of Bt seeds. On this Joshi said, the committee had no business coming to Yavatmal on the request of Tiwari. "They should have relied on an invitation by a member of parliament. Moreover, the panel has committed a breach of privilege by linking farmers' suicides with use of Bt seeds even before the report was tabled in parliament," he said.
Joshi said Tiwari had been only propagating regressive agriculture practices. One of the farmers accompanying Joshi pointed out that Tiwari himself has grown Bt cotton in his fields. Bt cotton has revolutionized cotton farming , Joshi said.
Reacting to Joshi's statement, Tiwari said only farmers with enough irrigation could profit from Bt cotton but not the small and marginal ones. His farm could sustaini Bt due to irrigation facilities the family had, said Tiwari.

here is very unfortunate stand taking by Shetakari Sanghatana on food security when all cotton farmers’ are demanding food security as they are not cultivating food since 1990 and 5 million tribals needs food security and how AAP can give candidate which will fight to stop food security in loksabha hence AAP should  rethink over such hostile decision , said Tiwari.
Here are hostile stand of AAP candidate aginst food security
We quote

Sanghatana says Food Security Act will ruin farmers
 TNN | Jul 12, 2013, 12.52AM IST
NAGPUR: The Shetkari Sanghatana has come out strongly against the proposed Food Security Act of the UPA government terming it as anti-farmer and a measure that would fuel inflation, derail country's economy and produce an army of lazy people who get food almost for free without need to work.

"The proposed law is aimed at only garnering votes in 2014 elections by the ruling parties at the Centre. Providing subsidized food to 67% of country's population or 81 crore people would cost the country Rs1,25,000 crore. It would have far-reaching implications on productivity and economy of the country and destroy dignity of labour," said Adv.Wamanrao Chatap ex-MLA, spokesman of the Sanghatana.

"Providing cheap foodgrains to the disabled, needy people can be seen as a noble gesture of a caring government in a welfare state. But the Food Security ordinance brought in a haste without waiting for a parliamentary clearance to cover an overwhelming majority of population is a cheap political gimmick," said chatap ,His Shetkari Sanghatana led by Sharad Joshi favoured free market economy with farmers getting adequate rates for their produce.

"The Food Act would mean that farmers producing paddy, wheat and coarse grains like jowar would never get the right price as the government that controls pricing and procurement would never allow a hike so as to contain the cost of the scheme," explained chatap . Under the new law those demanding the foodgrains would be given rice for Rs3, wheat for Rs2 and jowar for Rs1 a kg.
"Of course, when faced with huge budgetary deficit that is bound to happen, the government would increase taxes on traders and salaried classes and businessmen and professionals burdening them further," Neole apprehended. "All this will lead to loss of income for farmers, more taxes and non-availability of labour force for productive work at farms and factories," he feared.
Contradicting this viewpoint, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti president Kishore Tiwari has jumped in support of the law. In a statement here, he said: "Only those ignorant of hunger and deprivation that kills lakhs of people in villages every year would oppose the law." Such political parties and people would be taught a lesson in 2014 elections for opposing a pro-poor policy," said Tiwari. "The poor have a right to food and the proposed law is the first step to acknowledge it," he added
. unquote

VJAS demanded AAP should come clean before being humiliated by farmers and tribal ,,Tiwari urged prashant bhushan with folded hand .

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