Sunday, 9 March 2014

Heavy untimely rain and hailstorm -Maharashtra farmers urged EC to Differ Election Schedule

Heavy untimely rain and hailstorm -Maharashtra farmers urged EC to Differ Election Schedule

Nagpur- March 9, 2014

As the untimely rain and hailstorm since 24th Feb. which is till continues in 32 district of the Maharashtra state has damaged crop in more than 2 million hector to tune of Rs.20,000 crore  and similar gravity of damage in rural part of marathwada, north and western Maharashtra and vidarbha and raining till continued now human casualties are also being reported and more gloomy and shocking ground reports showing that such heavy hailstorm has seen first time in the history and as such it is disaster where crisis management team for relief from centre is needed but administration which is busy in election work  and Govt. has been failed to take issue for providing urgent relief to 4 billion affected population of rural Maharashtra hence activist group working for the agrarian crisis hit eastern part of Maharashtra vidarbha moved election commission of India (EC) for urgent intervention and direction to Govt. for providing relief all victims of untimely rain and hailstorm  and differ election schedule till 20th  April which is starting from 10th April so that administration can give attention to relief operation on emergency basis ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan samiti pleaded in letter to EC today. 

untimely rain and hailstorm has damaged road ,uprooted electric poles    affecting more than 10 villages in marathwada region only and  it has wider impact on the crops in 2 million hector completely damaging standing khariff  cotton and pluses and winter rabi crops including wheat, grapes, mustard, vegetables in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have been damaged. However and in last two days  damage to Mango has been reported in Konkan region,Tiwari added.
As per the Agrometerology department of Indian Meteorology department (IMD) is closely is now assessing the damage taken place to the crop due to the untimely rain and hailstorm. According to the reports received from various locations, the experts of agromet stated that most of the damage has been reported in Vidarbha, Marathwada and north-western area in Maharashtra state while Bhopal and nearby areas in Madhya Pradesh have also reported heavy crop damage and offcial of IMD added that the areas where rain and hailstorm have created havoc includes most parts of Vidarbha, parts of Marathwada, grapes farms in western Maharashtra and parts of Madhya Pradesh and as IMD  can not give forecast for hailstorm which has caused maximum damage to crops and enforcement of  code of conduct due announcement of election has added fuel to relief work of babus who are not sensetive to provide timely relief hence EC intervention needed, Tiwari said .

Part of vidarbha is facing wet drought and relief aid announced and made available district administration has not been disbursed yet even official drought declared banker are continue forceful crop-loan recoveries even after state relief minister ordered to stop it hence ‘EC’ is being requested to take up matter and direct state administration for carrying relief work and differ election schedule by 10 days, Tiwari urged.

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