Sunday, 7 July 2013

Maharashtra CM urged to Protect ‘ShreeSurya Group’ Investors under MPID

Maharashtra CM urged to Protest ‘ShreeSurya Group’ Investors under MPID

Nagpur dated July 7, 2013

After country rocked with chit fund scam in west Bengal where meddle class people lured with towering return dumped now around a 10 thousand investors from farm crisis hit vidarbha and Marathwada likely face same fate as Shreesurya Group floated by a group close to BJP-RSS high profile leaders has been under public scanner in the midst of a fresh controversy suspecting another Mega Investment Scam and it is alleged that   Shreesurya Group trapped around 10 thousands innocent  people offering  high dreams of rich future within short span of time as per media reports that shresurya offered around 40% interest on deposit nut now forget the interest investors are finding difficult to get back their own money  more surprisimg this company is not  registered with Reserve Bank of India or Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) which is illegal as per state’s money leading act. controlled by DDR but nobody has questioned the company as on today  hence Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chvan  has been urged to initiate the action under Maharashtra protection of investors deposit act 1999 (MPID)  against  Shreesurya Group promoters in order to save these investors ,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jandolan  Samiti(VJAS)  informed in press release today.

It is reported that Shreesurya Group should give investors a membership collecting  Rs 21,000 then members where asked to give fix deposits and they were promised that amount will be doubled in 2 and half year and many members were given interest @ 4 per month till feb.,2013 where as Shreesurya Group invested these huge money in  business areas- Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Dairy Products, Financial Services, Health Care, Edible Oil, IT Services, Infrastructure, Soft Drinks, Bakery Products, Supermarts, Restaurants, Garments, Media, Spa- Saloon and Gym and as per company web portal it is reported that ‘Having started as a small localized establishment with 3 people, the Organization grew from strength to strength & family establishment a positive brand image with a team count of over 100’  but as per one of  investor  ‘Shreesurya  have reduced rate of interest even for existing deposits and they will be paying only 50% of the amount due  i.e. Rs.6250/- against Rs.12500/-and that too by post dated cheques without any guarantee that the cheques will be passed and  Balance 50% we have to forget. This is clear case of cheating and fraud. They have diverted the money into construction of buildings and other business. All the depositors should form a Group to initiate complaints against the promoters of Shreesurya Group. to Police Authorities, SEBI, RBI, Govt. of Maharashtra etc. Criminal complaints can be filed against the promoters against bounced cheques, under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act for issuing cheques without keeping sufficient balance in the account”  investor added.
Recently Shreesurya Group  scam was reported in electronic and print media but administration and police have turned blind eye but now investors are gathering before the Shreesurya Group  office and crying for money but they are finding helpless as administration has turned blind eye to this scam earlier too , one  Pramod Agarwal has dumped thousands of investors to tune  of Rs 100 crore on the name of Mahadev Land Developers and  Ullas Khaire had dumped  around 1 lakh people of Rs 1,100 crore and now this Shreesurya Group likely repeat the same story hence we are urging Mah. CM to initiate action under  Maharashtra protection of investors deposit act 1999 (MPID)  against  Shreesurya Group Promoters so that innocent investors hard earn money is protected ,Kishore Tiwari added. 

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