Friday, 3 May 2013

VJAS Support traders stir against Local Body Tax (LBT)

VJAS  Support  traders  stir against Local Body Tax (LBT)
"one hand union Govt.has been introducing one time tax from single source state Govt. has been introducing multiple taxation at all levels that is leading to the exploitation of consumer and even present move of Maharashtra administration to bring all readers under the umbrella of VAT and sale tax ,the present move to enforce LOCAL BODY TAX  LBT will lead to another era of Baburaj and will be another layer   Taxation hence we oppose this LBT and urge CM to review it's stand and suspend the enforcement till amicable solution is not reached with traders and local bodies" kishore Tiwari  of  Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS)  informed in press release today .
earlier we wrote to maharashtra chief minister highlighting seriousness of the issue on  8th april but CM just forwarded to his PS who has shown it dustbin routine manner  here are details 
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 Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 1:25 PM
 FW: VJAS Support Traders Stir against Local Body Tax (LBT)

When  Chief Minister Prithviraj  Chavan flatly turning down the traders' demand to do away with local body tax (LBT), the businessmen have decided to go-ahead with the indefinite strike which entered second month on Saturday  today got  the   support  farmers activist group joining the stir ,will support  complete trade strike with agitation taking as LBT will burn finger of common man and consumers hence all attempt of imposing double and triple tax should be opposed to  saving dying rural community at large , kishore Tiwari  added.
‘The introduction LBT is completely contrary  to UPA policy of VAT at single stage and avoiding double taxation ,in fact we have demanding abolishing  octroi tax in local bodies but now it is being replaced by LBT .We demand there should not be double taxation at any stage in order to have transparency in pricing of goods and stop unfair trade practices but LBT will create larger scope consumer exploitation more over this is attempt create another Baburaj in the state hence we are asking CM to suspend idea of abolishing LBT ‘ Tiwari said
‘Overall Tax collection of state has crossed Rs. 1,44,000 crore above budgetary target for year 12-13 and projected tax collection for 2013-14 is Rs.1,60,000 crore hence introduction of LBT is needless and unjustified hence CM should look at larger tax collection perspective at source that burdening local bodies which will reflect on the development of metros hence we urged CM to talk with traders end the trade strike ‘ Tiwari said.
‘VJAS  has pointed out that the state government has quietly modified the Bombay Gram Panchayat Act to enable gram panchayats to levy tax on goods entering its area. This tax will be called as local Panchayat tax (LPT) and will be similar to local body tax (LBT) being levied by municipal corporations.
It is feared that once LBT was successfully levied by municipal corporations, municipal councils would be asked to follow the suit. Then the panchayats will be asked to levy LPT. Levy of multiple taxes will make business difficult which is against the stated objective of the government, hence we are opposing the move to introduce LBT and LPT, VJAS workers join the stir with traders and will appeal all citizen to join the agitation  , Tiwari added.

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