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VJAS urged Maharashtra Governor for Smooth Business in Nagpur Winter Session to Vidarbha Crisis

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti
11, Trisaran Nagar, Khamala,Nagpur-440025
========================================================================Ref-mockery of Nagpur session-2012                                                                   Dated-13-12-2012

Hon,ble His Excellency Governor
Shri K. Sankaranarayanan
Governor of Maharashtra

Ref- Serious crisis of vidarbha farmers’ suicides and Tribal Malnutrition
Sub- Non-functioing of both legislative houses in winter session of Nagpur

Respected sir,
We are activist group working for rights of dying vidarbha farmers and tribal since 1997 we have moved High-court, NHRC,MHRC and your Excellency number times to stop on going farmers suicides and starvation of tribal of region ,the issue of mega economic backlog coupled with  on going agrarian crisis has given larger importance Nagpur session of Maharashtra legislative houses which has been non-functional  as first four   days of legislative council have been adjourned hence we are forced to write you for your kind intervention and ask legislators to discuss serious issues of vidarbha  and force the Govt. to announce bailout package for distressed farmers and food starved tribal.

It has been noticed that the first four days of the winter session of the Maharashtra legislature have been wasted in verbal fights, gheraos and adjournments over trivial matters, and it is alleged that legislators are only enjoying parties in clubs and resorts which just rubbing the salt to dying people of vidarbha. when rural vidarbha is getting less than 8 hours of power supply and forced to live in the dark same time mega lighting and mark celebrations in Nagpur is just mockery of winter session this is just adding fuel to main demand of people to give separate statehood to vidarbha if Maharashtra Govt. and main opposition has no time to even discuss the core issue of the vidarbha crisis hence this humble appeal. 

We have seen that many legislators were are seen in parties thrown in the name of birthdays, anniversaries or facilitations. They are ignoring serious issues related to farmers and tribal  Even the opposition does not seem to be interested in taking up such issues and there are every reason to believe that the present on going adjournments of both houses are stage managed show and all political parties are involved directly or indirectly hence your intervention is needed as under provision of article 371-372  of Indian constitution Hon,ble Excellency Governor is empowered to emove the backlog and give justice vidarbha .

The present scenario has made basic motive behind making Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and  winter sessions of the state legislature are held here to fulfill Nagpur Agreement at time merger with Maharashtra as ridiculous and as the winter session is held here so that core issues of Vidarbha can be discussed but all parties are making a mockery of the problems faced by farmers ,we demand that vidarbha should be given separate statehood.

We understand that the issue of misuse fund and corruption in relief packages is being blown out of proportion to get media attention which already under investigation  but we failed understand that why is the assembly not discussing other important issues like food security and health and educational help to victims of agrarian crisis.

The very serious issue before the more than 5 million cotton growers  about Bt Cotton crop failure in more than four million hectares of land has reduced cotton yield from 3.5 million quintals to 2.2 million quintals and as per the report sent by the state agricultural department to the centre states that the estimate of the net direct economic loss to cotton farmers in the state will be nearly Rs.6,000 crore, whereas accumulated losses are likely to cross more than Rs.20,000 crore due to a steep rise in cultivation costs but this serious issue is not finding the place in any house of legislator in Maharashtra which is much more irritating and shameful.

Hon,ble His Excellency Governor of Maharashtra is kindly requested to intervene in the on going blockade in winter session and asked to Maharashtra govt. to give bail out package including food security ,free health care and  a compensation of Rs.20,000 per hectare and fresh crop loans for every farmer for the ensuing agriculture season hence this prayer

Yours faithfully,

Kishore Tiwari
Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti

c.c. to
Hon. President of India

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