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Home Minister to Grant statehood to Vidarbha along with Telangana

Activist urged Home Minister  to Grant statehood to Vidarbha along with Telangana

Nagpur-31st December 2012
Recent announcement of union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde  that final call on long pending  of separate state of Telangana will be taken within one month ,activist I n vidarbha who are agitating since last more than two decades   urged him consider demand of separate Vidarbha , very backward region now known as farmer suicide of India having multiple complex problems of continuous neglects from rulers of Maharashtra who are representing western Maharashtra .Issues of agrarian crisis, tribal starvation ,massive unemployment ,lack irrigation  and industrialization coupled of growing Naxal activities has been grate concern of union Govt. all money to the tune of Rs.50,000 crore pumped recently has been siphoned by same politicians of western Maharashtra resulting more backlog and worsen the vidarbha crisis hence now it has been established that the existing set up Maharashtra Govt. there is no ray of hope for any relief to dying vidarbha farmers and tribal hence separate statehood is only option left  to resolve the crisis hence the demand of separate vidarbha  much more serious and valid than Telangana hence HM has been urged to give justice, Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan samiti (VJSA) informed in press release today

Before 1960 vidarbha was never a part of Maharashtra. It belonged to a territory called Central Province during the time of British Raj. When Indian republican states were formed, Vidarbha initially belonged to Madhya Pradesh. However after the ‘Samyukta Maharashtra’ movement, it got embedded with Maharashtra.Vidarbha also has a link to mythology. Rukmani, Lord Krishna’s first wife was said to be the princess of Vidarbha. In recent past (300 years), Nagpur region of Vidarbha came under the Bhonsales, who were an off shoot of Peshvas and Raja Shivaji. Hindi was the official language of the dynasty then. Vidarbha has the rich history and excellent geography being misused as it holds two-thirds of Maharashtra’s mineral resources, three quarters of its forest resources and is a net producer of power till darkness gloom has over shadow region ,farmers are killing themselves where tribal are dying due to starvation and malnutrition ,Tiwari added.
Even vidarbha rich in minerals, coal, forests and mountains, has  always underdeveloped because of the continuous dominance of the political leaderships from the other parts of the state.

"Till date Rs 25,000 crore allocated by the governor for the express purpose of removal of developmental backlog of Vidarbha by powers vested in him under Article 371 have been illegally diverted for use in western Maharashtra and now  observation of  that Justice Fazal Ali Commission constituted for restructuring of states had not only recommended that vidarbha given status of a separate state but also expressed concern in the event of its merging with Marathi-speaking Maharashtra. "It cannot be said with certainty the rich natural resources of Vidarbha will be used for the development of the region," is proved correct hence this demand of separate state of vidarbha justified, Tiwari said.

"The water availability in Vidarbha is highest and so is its irrigation potential. But the infrastructure created till date to tap it is minimum and far less than in western Maharashtra. The irrigation backlog of 2.5 lakh hectares identified till the year 1994 was to be removed by 2006 as per the deadline fixed by the then governor. That was not achieved. The next deadline of 2010 has also passed without success. Now it is proposed to be done by 2016. But then what about the backlog accumulated after that: As per a 2009 report tabled in the legislature, the irrigation backlog has mounted to 11 lakh hectares. Can this target be ever achieved.The latest injustice is in form of large number of power plants being allowed to be set up in Vidarbha. "These plants will use water meant for irrigation and deny the facility to 7 lakh hectares of cultivable land," said Kimmatkar. "97% of the state mineral resources are located in Vidarbha. But processing industry could never come up here because the electricity charges are double of that provided in the neighbouring states," expert observed.

Ruling parties congress NCP has supported the demand of separate state of vidarbha  moreover BJP,MNS and all sections Republican parties even BSP have openly supported the vidarbha statehood demand and now after Balasaheb depart new leadership in Shivsena likely to rethink it stand over Vidarbha Statehood issue ,Tiwari  said.
Activists are meeting on 31st at  Ravi Bhavan Nagpur to restart agitation to create presse on union Govt. to grant statehood to vidarbha along with Telangana ,Tiwari added.

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