Friday, 5 October 2012

Vidarbha Farmers not convinced over Nitin Gadkari's defense over Irrigation Scam

Vidarbha  Farmers not convinced over Nitin Gadkari's defense over Irrigation Scam

Nagpur-5th October 2012
“Three million cotton farmers of west vidarbha who are under deep distress and despair and till killing themselves one debt trapped farmers  @ 8 hours since 2005 are shocked with version of  BJP president Nitin Gadkari on series of  a letters to water resources minister PK Bansal seeking release of funds to contractors working on a controversial irrigation project in Maharashtra ,saying that he wrote a letter to Bansal and will write 10 more.... It was done in the interest of the farmers of Maharashtra, to prevent farmer suicides in Vidarbha but distressed farmers of west Vidarbha farmers which is not covered under the irrigation project as it located in east vidarbha which is not farm suicide hit district for which BJP president has been disparate, are not convinced with his reply as ground reality contradicts agony of the truth that payment flow up is being done to bailout tainted irrigation contractors rather than saving farmers  hence we demand judicial commission enquiry by sitting supreme court judge on vidarbha  irrigation scam as four main contractors named in irrigation scam v.i.z.  Ajay Sancheti, Mithlesh Bhangdiya ,Sandeep Bojiria  and Avainash Bhosale  are now MP and MLCs supported by BJP-NCP and they have become law makers directly within span last six years without and social or political existence exposing the shady connection of political parties with these anti-farmer ,anti-national contractors cum power mafia which will destroy the democratic setup of the India hence our cry of this baseless and ridiculous argument of BJP leaders” Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti said while reacting on the irrigation scam linked with  sensitive emotional issue of farmer suicides .
‘We are failed to understand why there is not any follow-up on  CAG and PAC reports various scams under vidarbha framers relief package  tabled in the Maharashtra legislative council from BJP and congress MLCs where as all are doing payment flow up with state and central Govt. It is much more shameful irritating to know that all recommendations done by National commission of farmers (NCF) regarding short term and long term measures of dry land farmers of vidarbha and then Narendra Jadhav committee recommended Govt. to supply 25 Kgs foodgrains at subsidies rate at par with BPL to distressed dying 3 million distressed farmers and also recommended Cashless Health Card to 92,321 families in which serious illness problem have been found by the survey conducted by State Govt. but BJP has been failed to get these recommendation implemented  hence now shielding evils of protecting the culprit who have siphoned out the maximum money given as relief package by giving reason that letter written are intended to stop farmers suicides is much more humiliating  hence we ask for judicial commission enquiry by sitting supreme court judge on vidarbha  irrigation scam’ Tiwari added.
The present report of new controversy showing finger to BJP leadership  that has put dying  farmers on the edge of bankruptcy, who have often tearfully beseeched the state and Central governments for help, fear another wave of suicides in Vidarbha. This time, the new crisis at hand isn’t droughts or debts but 71 coal-fired thermal power projects (33 have been approved, 38 are at various stages of clearance. Giving green signal to the production of 55,000 MW by diverting 2,049.20 MCM/year of irrigation water had already been sanctioned and media reports claimed that Nitin Gadkari and former BJP MLAs Uttam Ingle and Madan Yerawar had stakes in the 32 MW Chintamani Agrotech and the 540 MW Jinbhuvish Power Generation projects. The reports had also said Gadkari’s son Nikhil was an independent director at the 270 MW power plant set up by Ideal Energy where interest of dying and distress vidarbha farmers are frozen  hence we want either  Nitin Gadkari should part his association with with Manish Mehta,, Ajay Sancheti ,Avinash Bhosale  so on as list is  too large to find space in Tihar jail register  or set down as BJP president to lead party on it’s slogan of “Corruption Free India” Tiwari urged BJP President.

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