Sunday, 21 October 2012

IAC-MediaA and All Political Parties has shifted focus of “Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis” from core Issue-VJAS

IAC-MediaA and All Political Parties has shifted focus of  “Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis” from core  Issue-VJAS.

NAGPUR: October 22, 2012

Last week revelation of IAC convener Arvind Kejriwal on BJP National President Nitin Gadkari after massive publicity that agrarian crisis are on agenda but focus of his all allegations were restricted to vidarbha irrigation water crisis limited one vena dam  and linking it vidarbha farmer suicides in fact he touched to issue of vidarbha 3 million farmers regarding upcoming power plants, water diversion and misuse irrigation of water but when it was focused to single point agenda to restrict the mega crisis micro issue of  showing the unholy relationship between  BJP-NCP and subsequent massive media coverage linking to very serious issue of  vidarbha farmer suicide diverting  attention from all major issues and problems of dying distressed dry land farmers shocked vidarbha farmers and activist and this unfortunate development is being looked as planned conspiracy of all political parties ,US funded NGOs and big MNCs to make “Corruption” as main culprit of on going agrarian crisis and farmer suicides not the wrong policies , US MNCs promoted faulty technology , free unregulated market and non-existing institutional banking to rural economy  hence   Vidarbha farmers pressure group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti  president Kishore Tiwari urged all political parties and civil society members to take forward the issue  for it’s logical conclusion to stop mass genocide of innocent farmers who are real victim of   development model being promoted and unholy connection of touts who are involved in mega siphoning of project fund where not even in radar of any allegation or discussion that is most unfortunate .

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has been closely associated with IAC we were asked to provide all details related irrigation scam  and recently developed power project crisis and very details submission was given to AIC but all data given by us was intentionally not used as it was targeted to very complex integrated issue policies ,technology, development model and massive misdeed done at various levels but lastly it resulted in  single person  focus agenda where our main issues has gone to back foot as now in Maharashtra more than 9 million hector crop of cotton, soya, paddy and sugarcane   damaged due more rain ,4 million hectors land is in severe drought, Market prices of cotton ,Soya, paddy and sugarcane  has come down below MSP , Institutional Credit  and crop loan from bank is at it’s likely to collapse and Maharashtra agriculture once gain for this 2012-13 will be –ve  20 but last tow months all focus has been shifted   irrigation scam and then ever one by one corruption  we feel which also very important but civil society and political parties who raising these issues should bring back focus main issue of Indian rural crisis including agrarian, health, employment, very costly education, massive unemployment ,pathetic condition of NRHM, ICDS, MGNRGA and ITDP  ,we are ready to provide them all need input , Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti  chief added.

“we demand IAC to focus on main demands of Aam Aadmi  which are living in remote villages are dying without food and medicine ,the basic need to change wrong model of development and  prefect Indian economic policy to safe and protect our 120 crore innocent population and fix time agenda to illuminate all corrupt leaders, babus, judges, member civil society and media that is need now we will convince these grate leaders that’s main issue ,may god help us, Tiwari added .

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