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Two vidarbha farmer suicides reported in a day: Gloom and Despair due to Crop Damages and mounting Debt is killing the farmers

Two vidarbha farmer suicides reported in a day: Gloom and Despair due to Crop Damages and mounting Debt is killing the farmers 
Nagpur -3rd September, 2012

The start of month of September is as gloomy as earlier one for western vidarbha cotton farmers as two more farmers suicides reported from Yavatmal and Amaravati district identified as
1.Dhyaneshwar Thakare  of village Nilapur in Yavatmal –cotton farmer who did re-sowing earlier  now excessive rain has washed away crop forcing him kill himself ,in vidarbha last three days most of part of  western vidarbha recorded morethan 110mm rain talking average rain fall to the 120%  .
2.Pramod Mamankar of village Yevada in Amaravati  district is second victim of  on
going Agrarian Crisis  the distress due to crop damages and  mounting debt has been reported reason of this farmer suicides too earlier last week Five More vidarbha farmers who committed suicides in last 72 hours are v.i.z.

3.Manikrao Kukade  (65) of village Ranegoan in Akola
4.Vithal Bhogare (55) of village Earanda in Akola
5.Shaym Sahare  (53) of village Ziroba in Bhandara
6.Daulat Kakde (60) of village Agra in Nagpur
7.Chakradhar Choudhary (32) of village Mansawali in Wardha ,

taking toll to 528 in year 2012 due to mounting debt, fear of crop failure and volatility market price of cotton, Soya an paddy. Vidarbha agrarian crisis once again getting aggravated due to erratic nature of monsoon and on going pest attack and fungal infection dropping down average yield of cotton, Soya and paddy to 50% which has restarted spiral of farmer suicides ,Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti chief Kishore Tiwari informed today.

Year wise Data Of Vidarbha Farmer Suicide

Vidarbha farmer suicide 
2012(Till 2nd september,2012)

"As per our documentation this is first time  in last five more suicides reported in July-August-September as these months in which Agrarian distress is reported low but heavy excessive raining in big quantum has damaged main cash crop cotton ,soya and paddy which is being reflected in growing farm suicides  in vidarbha but surprisingly Maharashtra Govt. has turned blind eye toward the crisis which is adding fuel to the situation hence we have been demanding central intervention but UPA is too busy in 'CoalGate ' management to give attention to this serious issue " Tiwari added.

‘The situation of crop and water in Maharashtra is very complex as Maharashtra having declared Drought in 123 Talukas  by changing Norms and selecting blocks  as per will and wish of  Cong-NCP Ministers now Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan  who visited Delhi and petitioned top Union Ministers, including  Sharad Pawar  and P Chidambaram  for immediate financial assistance to mitigate the impact of the natural calamity is meeting today Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Planning commission officials to demand a "special package" to alleviate the state's drought crisis but he has not given any thought to on going vidarbha agrarian crisis and issue of  this year has very typical due untimely monsoon rain and quantum of which has damaged more than 2 million hector  standing crop of cotton ,soya and paddy area of vidarbha, Marathawada,Kokan and other khandesh-North Maharashtra  even rain fall is below 50% in some of area crop condition is good where as larger part central India where monsoon rain is above average crop is condition too poor to asses but ‘drought relief packages and talukas included’ have ignored these crisis which will aggravate situation hence  central team should asses the ground reality and then give financial node to political drought relief package of Maharashtra Govt.’ Tiwari added.

It is reported that Maharashtra CM Chavan who met  PM last week after a Sharad Pawar-led group of the Union cabinet expressed inability to take a call on the demand of premature drought assessment where as  state government has sought Rs 2,275 crore in aid for completion of 105 irrigation projects-35 in Vidharbha, 40 in Marathwada, and 30 in the rest of Maharashtra-in drought-prone areas by July 2013. It also wants Rs 580 crore for construction of cement check dams, which is also not covered under NDRF. A section of the political leadership, however, believes that the demand is an attempt to secure more aid for the controversy-ridden irrigation sector hence there is opposition from majority of Maharashtra farmers but same time they welcome central Govt. to consider revision in norms for funding aid to fodder depots and renovation to regional water supply scheme but till  core issues of Credit, Crop, Ground Water Crisis and Minimum Support Price for Maharashtra main cash crop like cotton ,soya and sugarcane  which are basic cause of on going farmer suicides and prevailing agrarian crisis are even listed  which is much more irritating ,we can not allow politician to siphon out thousands crore rupees in the name of relief packages hence we demand hike in MSP and direct subsidies to dry land farmers to decease cost of cultivation hence  we are against CM designed special relief package ,Tiwari said

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