Thursday, 6 September 2012

Heavy rains claims 24 in Vidarbha : Severe Crop Damages in 4 Million Hector

Heavy rains claims 24 in Vidarbha : Severe Crop Damages in 4 Million Hector

Nagpur-6th September 2012

They unstopped heavy rains has caused widespread damage to life and property and standing crop of cotton, Soya and paddy in 40 lakh hector across Vidarbha , claiming 22 lives over the past 24 hours.While six  people were drowned in Wardha district, six died in similar incidents in Amravati district, two were killed in a wall collapse in Nagpur and one person was killed in Chandrapur where as per recent reports more than seven  lives lost in Yavatmal and Gondia massive flooding there are two farmers suicides in Yavatmal district in village Dharana and Both Bodan reported due to crop damage in this heavy rain .there are more human causalities likely to be reported as news widespread heavy damages are till being reported from remote part Gadchiroli ,Amaravati and Washim ,Kishore Tiwari of vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press release  today .

‘The most of district collectors and civil servant instead of providing relief aid are busy in visiting over flow and giving photo session to media ,there is urgent need to provide food and kerosene in these affected villages .there is no relief operation started yet ,there very heavy causalities to cattle heads  and there will problem health and epidemic in these area hence we urged Maharashtra chief minister to visit these effected villages and arrange to give some time from on going Coalgate issue ’ Tiwari added  

“It is reported Six persons had died in a wall collapse in Kaundinyapur in Amravati district on Monday. A water reservoir embankment gave way near Arvi town in Wardha district, drowning two persons and also sweeping away several cattle heads. Many had to be shifted to safer places. Two persons were killed in two wall collapse incidents in the district and another person was swept away by flood waters in Kapsi village. Torrential rains lashed Gadchiroli district that recorded over 100 mm rains through the day. In Nagpur, a wall collapse claimed two kids aged 8 and 12 years.

“Vidarbha is in grip of Agrarian  crisis and farmers are committing suicides due distress and despair ,the present crop failure will add fuel their gloom and debt resulting more farm suicides hence we are urging the administration to provide relief aid related to food ,kerosene and health care so that  such ill fated extremities are avoided” Tiwari added.

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