Monday, 20 August 2012

Inflation killing vidarbha farmers not benefiting: VJAS

Inflation killing vidarbha farmers not benefiting: VJAS
Nagpur -21 August 2012
Vidarbha Janandolan Aamiti (VJAS)  cotton farmers advocacy group  fighting for saving 3 million cotton farmers   who are killing themselves due to economic crisis resulting massive debt  as all Agriculture prices are market driven and there is no Govt. intervention hence vidarbha cotton farmers are not debt staved but food starved as they are not cultivating food crops and buying food from market and inflation is main cause distress and despair resulting in farmers suicides hence we are demanding food security under pubic distribution system to vidarbha dry land farmers since 2006  hence it is unfair and  untrue what Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma for saying that farmers are benefiting from inflation,informed Kishore tiwari of VJAS activist group.
"In reality farmers are suffering under the burden of inflation. He is spending more on production. However, the produce is sold at a less price and is not in accordance with the investment made by the farmer. Either it is pulses, wheat or rice, the farmer is forced to sell these products at a less price. In turn the farmer is forced to take loan so that he can undertake agricultural production and sells it at below par rates. He fails to pay the interest for the loan and is then forced to commit suicide," said Tiwari.

,"cotton farmer reaction  to this statement is that maybe Beni Prasad Verma is not aware of the fact that farmers are the biggest losers due to rise in prices. Prices of fertilizers have risen, , prices of electricity have increased, prices of water, seeds, sacks, labour has increased, cycles have become costlier, price of diesel has increased and I have never come across a farmer who has benefited from this price rice. Although I have seen farmers committing suicide due to the inflation," said TiwariI

‘Last year vidarbha farmers sold forcibly pulses and paddy half the MSP rate and now price are four times than MSP  ,in fact market forces and MNCs are controlling the prices and commodity exchanges future trade is also  killing farmers
"The statement of Beni Prasad Verma and later supported by Salman Khurshid speaks of the mindset of the Congress ministers and their government that they are anti-farmer. Inflation, price rise affects the farmers the most and then they are the worst victims of inflation because the prices of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, transport chargers, diesel, costescalation. All these things will hurt the farmers very badly hence all issues should be address to protect agrarian community’ Tiwari  urged policy makers

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