Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mahyco Monsanto challenges Maharashtra Govt .on Bt.cotton Ban-Farmers Demands Stern Action

Mahyco Monsanto challenges Maharashtra Govt .on Bt.cotton Ban-Farmers Demands Stern Action
Dated- 18 Jul , 2012 - India
The issue Complaints that Mahyco Monsanto  is exploiting farmers, promoting black marketing and ignoring rules have led the Maharashtra government to call in to cancel the agri biotechnology company’s licence to produce and supply the 73-51 seed variety of Genetically Modified (Bt) cotton in the state, has forced the defaulting Mahyco Monsanto co. to challenge  authority of state .
 ‘The clarification of Mr Raju Barwale, Managing Director of Mahyco Monsanto co. is misleading and unfortunate as black marketing of innocent farmers is till continue in Maharashtra and having crated the monopoly in cotton seed now Mahyco Monsanto is ignoring Govt. orders and criminal prosecution hence we demand stern action against Mr Raju Barwale, Managing Director of Mahyco Monsanto co. and complete ban on Mahyco Monsanto co. bt cotton seed including in sub- licence 32 companies, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti chief Kishore Tiwari informed today.
The Director of Inputs and Quality Control (DIQC), the licensing authority, has served the 1964-founded company a notice under the provisions of the Maharashtra Cotton Act, 2009 which was announced Agriculture Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil had indicated revocation of the company’s licence has been openly challenged first time  Mr Raju Barwale, Managing Director of Mahyco who has refuted allegations, leveled against it by the Maharashtra Government, of selling its own cotton seeds in the black market and violating the Seed Act.
 Earlier Agriculture Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil informed that In Beed, Nashik, Jalna and Aurangabad districts, the company, in “close nexus” with dealers and sub-dealers, supplied seeds that did not match the declared quantity, keeping the agriculture department in the dark, he claimed.

“This amounted to forgery and encouragement of black marketing by the company and its officials and therefore, offences were registered against the official. Some of them have got anticipatory bail, while in one case the court has rejected plea for anticipatory bail.” Minister added.

The minister admitted that the Jalna-based company’s behaviour had adversely impacted sowing in the state’s cotton-growing belt and he justified DIQC move, saying Mahyco had, during the current kharif season, supplied 73-51 variety of Bt cotton below the assured quantity, leading to unrest among farmers.The DIQC had, during the 2011-12 kharif season, registered 18 cases against Mahyco for “serious lapses” in the supply of the 73-51 seed variety of BT cotton, he recalled.
Maharashtra cotton farmers strongly condemn the statement of Mr Raju Barwale, Managing Director of Mahyco co is consider taking the legal option against Maharashtra Govt.
“Mahyco Monsanto  is completely responsible for introducing and crating monopoly of Bt.cotton seed  in India and is responsible for mass genocide of cotton farmers since 2002  and this has happened due to political protection to this company that is reflected in today’s statement of Raju Barwale needs to answer very strongly by Indian law makers” Tiwari added.

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