Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Healing touch to vidarbha tribal from Samaritan of Ludhiyana

Healing touch to vidarbha tribal from Samaritan of Ludhiyana

Yavatmal-26th June 2012
Vidarbha malnourish kolam tribal who were denied potable drinking water even after Govt. spent thousands of crore for providing food-shelter and water has govt. new Samaritan help from 1500 k.m.  metro ludhiyana in Punjab  who formed friend of vidarbha club and arranging to dig bore well in kolam villages Kundi ,Ambazari and Hiwara in Naxal sensitive  Zaro taluka and Nanadgoan  Kolam Pod in Kelapur Taluka village and  installed motor and requisite pipeline so that villages now will be getting drinking water at their doorstep ,Manish dedhwal (09872500605)school teacher and his student jetinder kumar(09876627501) who were moved with plights vidarbha farm widows  visited farmers suicide effected Yavatmal  in December 2011 last and saw  pathetic condition of kolam tribals in these villages where people were getting drinking water from 3km. to 10 km  and promised to give them drinking water at doorstep in summer 2012.
“then we returned ludhiyana and asked our students to about the very serious water crisis students and we formed ‘friend of vidarbha club-Ludhiyana’ and started fund collection but initially fund raising slow but with help of leading doctor and social worker Dr.Santkumar Varma  has taken our causes to society to donations are till coming to us ,initially to expected total budget for four bore well and motor pump around Rs. 2 lakhs  but as water level is almost 500 feets our estimate jumped to double  but thanks to quick response from ludhiyana we could manage to fulfill our dream now we are looking for the big project of putting multi facility health centre in this backward tribal area as health services are to poor to explain ,budget requirement is big but we are confident we will do it soon” Manish Dedhwal  informed in press meeting in Yavatmal today .
‘The heart touching story of Nanadgoan  bore well  which has donated by one lady teacher from ludhiyana  Rama Kapoor in memory of his son Monoo Kapoor  who died due to blood cancer was denied water by doctor in last moments of his life and villager have put memorial of Monoo Kapoor in Nandgoan kolam pod it he photo and his last painting devoted to her sister has been put on very prominent place near to kolam temple place and now villagers around the areas are coming to this village to take water of this source as holy water ” Suresh Bolenwar informed in press meeting .

“we have taken up issue of tribal starvation, water and malnourishment with Mumbai Highcourt Nagpur bench in 2001 and NHRC and team of  NHRC visited in 2006 and Govt. promised to arrange water ,food and shelter to all tribal but in ground reality nothing has happened   hence such helping hand has most needed to save these dying tribal community of vidarbha hence we want Govt. intervention to address these serious crisis” Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha jJandaolan Samiti (VJAS) who is fighing for these tribal farming community in agrarian crisis hit vidarbha  informed today.

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