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Vidarbha farmers to observe May 1 as ‘Black Day'-Gulfnews Report.

Vidarbha farmers to observe May 1 as ‘Black Day'

Angry at region not being made a state
  • By S. Narendra, Correspondent 
  •  Published: 00:00 April 29, 2012
    Mumbai: Ahead of the Maharashtra state formation day on May 1, the people in eastern Maharashtra have once again begun to clamour for according statehood for the Vidarbha region.
    As part of the exercise, veteran separatist leader from the Vidarbha region J. B. Dhote has called for the observance of Maharashtra Day as ‘Black Day', in which thousands of debt-trapped farmers are expected to participate.
    Farmers' leader Kishore Tiwari said yesterday that his organisation had decided to revive its long-pending demand for the creation of Vidarbha state, in view of the fact that the powers-that-be hailing from western Maharashtra continued to neglect the basic needs of the people in the region.
    The backward Vidarbha region is in the eastern part of Maharashtra. Covering 31.6 per cent of the total area and accounting for 21.3 per cent of the total population of Maharashtra, Vidarbha has over the years been in the news for the unabated spate of farmers' suicides.

    More than 20,000 farmers have committed suicide during the past decade in the 11 districts of this region.
    "The farmers are continuing to commit suicide owing to the wrong farm policies being promoted by the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party [NCP] leaders from western Maharashtra, who are ruling Maharashtra over the years. The powers-that-be are neglecting the basic demands of cotton farmers," Tiwari said.
    Tiwari charged the NCP of diverting funds meant for the Vidarbha region to western Maharashtra. He said the only way to end the "injustice" being done to the Vidarbha region was to create a separate state for the region.

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