Monday, 30 April 2012

Rampant Corruption in Maharashtra Forest works of MGREGA and Tendu Bonus Distribution: Massive Rally Tribal on 4th May to Demand Probe

Rampant   Corruption in Maharashtra Forest works of   MGREGA and Tendu Bonus Distribution: Massive Rally Tribal on 4th May to Demand Probe

 Nagpur-30th April 2012

“Why there is no demand to get hardearn legitimate money amounting More than Rs.25 crore payment of MGREGA farm mostly tribal who claimed to be on massive forest water conservation project in Yavatmal district has not received single paisa  due to hundreds of complaints of bogus muster and 100% work with help of contractor and  heavy automatic machines ??” is the question asked by Dr.Shrawan Hardikar collector  of the Yavatmal district to the all forest officers working in remote part of agrarian crisis hit west vidrabha   reflect true picture of massive on going corruption in MGREGA  work and all officers involved have hundreds of crores parting money with politicians , RTI activists  and local press reporters hence now tribal whose ‘Worker Card’ were used are coming together along with Tendu leaves fuckers who are denied their bonus since 2008 on 4th May in massive Rally organized in Agrasen Bhavan Pandharkawada  ,Bhimrao Naitam   convener of   Tendu Mazoor Samiti informed in pres release today.

Tribal activist Kishore Tiwari, Letu Junghare,Tukaram Meshram ,Ankit Meshram and Mohan Jadhav are chief guest to address rally  and all MGREGA workers and Tendu leaves fuckers  mostly tribal will attend this historic rally  will expose the rampant corruption in forest department ,Naitam added.

Tendu Mazoor Samiti’s massive agitation which lasted from 1997 to 2005  forced Maharashtra to forgo the right over royalty collected through  tendu units auctions and  started distributing it to tendu workers as bonus but more than 80% amount is being siphoned out by way fabricated record and forest deptt. failed to adopt any transparent computerized method of Tendu bonus distribution hence on 4th May, tribal will demand the same so that constitutional rights of tribal on minor forest produce is restored  ,Tukaram Meshram Kolam tribal leader said .

“we are shocked to see the level of corruption in Tendu bonus distribution that whole bonus amount hundreds of villages were deposited in the bank account single family and family members are not Tendu workers moreover they are relative of local forest staff which mush more irritating ,as senior forest officer turned blind eye due to their own involvement has created hostile environment hence we want to bring these massive corruption before chief minister” Kishor Tiwari who is mobilizing this rally added in press note.

The tribal main demands to be raised in 4th rally are to arrange CBI probe in forest MGNERA Scam and alleged money siphoning in Tendu bonus distribution  ,Tiwari said.

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