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Five more vidarbha farmers’ suicides reported on eve of “Maharashtra Day”

Five more vidarbha farmers’ suicides reported on eve of “Maharashtra Day”

Nagpur-1st May 2012

When Maharashtra Govt. and administration in vidarbha was busy is making arrangement of celebration of Maharashtra Day 1st  May as mark of memory when vidarbha region was merged  with Maharashtra on 1st May 1960 ,five more ill fated debt trapped farmers suicides reported today  due to on going agrarian crisis and drought who were waiting relief aid declared in December 2011 by Maharashtra chief minister  at floor of house  winter session of Maharashtra assembly  after administration officially admitted that standing crop on nearly 90 lakhs hector damaged due to poor monsoon and dry spell in September out of which 40 lakhs hectors is cotton crop of west vidarbha and rest of Maharashtra declaring  relief amount was Rs.2000 crore  and all most all cotton growers were assured minimum Rs.8000 relief aid per family till date administration has not even prepared list of farmers who suffered crop failure where as Maharashtra Govt. failed to arrange to requisite Rs.2000 crore for relief resulting in more distress and despair in dying vidarbha farming community ,the recent victims of Maharashtra Govt.apathy and complete neglect are

1.Ramdas Dhale of village chicholi in Yavatmal
(Committed suicides early morning and death body is awaiting postmortem  in the mortuary of Govt. hospital Yavatmal as doctors are attending Mahrashtra Day Function.he is cotton farmers who was debt trapped and debt details are SBI parwa branch Rs.2 lakh and private money leander Rs.1 lakh)
2.Ajabrao Meshram of Village Shivani in Yavtmal
3.Ramnna Pedkulwar of Village Aril in Yavatmal
4.Parvatibai Kadel of  Poharadevi in Washim District.
5.Shriram Kakad of Village Sategaon in Amaravati

(media report published today is attached with press release)

 taking total tally of  farmers suicides to 332 in the year 2012 ,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) said in press note.

“We are shocked with step motherly attitude towards the drought in west Maharashtra and drought and agrarian crisis in west vidarbha given by UPA de-fecto Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi ,Union Agriculture Minister Shard Pawar And Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan  even leader of opposition in legislative council Vinod Tawade has rushed to SATARA but  nobody even ready to speak about these innocent cotton growers genocide  ,this is crime with humanity and high time for civil society to break salience over farmers suicides which are mostly policy driven” Tiwari added.

“As per official admission of Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Balasaheb Vikhe Patil, this year cotton cultivation has jumped to more than 44 lakhs hector in dry land region of  Mahrashtra Covering Vidarbha,Marathwada,Khandesh and North Maharashtra  but yield has been dropped to 45 lakhs bales in comparison to yield of the last year yield of 86 lakhs bales  more over cost of cultivation has jumped to almost  double  and this is very serious issue more over in order to save rain sensitive Bt.cotton crop these farmers used all available surface water for irrigation which was reserved for drinking purpose creating severe water crisis in the region but administration is keeping salient of this facts ,which is reason of these on going farmers suicides ” Tiwari added.

‘When agrarian crisis of west vidarbha and now of whole Maharashtra is man made and policy driven ,the solution of the agrarian crisis are with policy makers and administration hence we are demanding that all dry land farmers should be given direct subsidy for food crop cultivation and all rain sensitive cash crop like Bt.cotton should be banned  till crisis are over .there is urgent need of food security ,health facility, work under MGRENA in the every farm of crisis driven farmer ,restructuring of crop loan and restoration social and civil administration in rural part of Maharashtra .the diversion of fund given under relief package by politician is coming out to be major cause of worry and time has come to eradicate this Corruption but it require very high moral and willpower which is missing in Maharashtra Present Leadership” Tiwari added.


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