Friday, 9 March 2012

UPA Govt. is betraying cotton farmers on Cotton Export Ban issue

GoM to betrayed farmers  on Cotton Export Ban –Vidarbha farmers to start indefinite hunger strike
Nagpur-March 9, 2012
Indian cotton farmers were very optimistic with the Group of Ministers (GoM) meet to review the ban on cotton exports after after Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said he was kept in the dark about the ban and  Maharshtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chvan ,Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy have strongly objected to the ban on cotton exports remained inconclusive on Friday as a result of this the ban stays “Talks remained inconclusive and further discussion is required. The meeting can place take tomorrow," Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said” .this is delay and face saving tactics till any decision is taken in more meetings to be held in the coming days, has  disappointed and delay in revoking the unwanted cotton export ban will not only ruined 7 million cotton farmers but more 2 million traders ,ginners and workers involved in cotton trade. This is betrayal and this is farmers will react it will force GOM to take decision to lift ban, informed farm activist Kishore Tiwari   of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti VJAS,

“GOM meeting has been high jacked and Babus involved commerce and Cotton Advisory Board managed justifies the ill-motivated ban even after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had asked review decision of ban cotton exports. We are till confused to understand the justification to protect finger counting people by pushing more than 10 million agrarian community and cotton trade community to push in to death trap when country has already witnessed more than 2,50,000 farmers suicides in last decade which is till growing in cotton belt of  India. The delay in decision is stage managed and cartel which has managed this export ban will take advantage and same GOM will revoke in forthright when damage would have been done .we take all farmers on the road will intensify stir so that justice is prevailed.” Tiwari added.

Earlier Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar,Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithiraj Chavan ,A.P Chief Minister Kiran Reddy, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and political parties in UPA congress and NCP and NDA BJP and SAD has taken strong objection to the decision. The ban which has shocked Ministry of Textiles as well as Ministry of agriculture which has exposed  Commerce Minister Anand Sharma decision to ban cotton exports has been exposed and more than 7 millions farmers have already started protests in Maharashtra ,Andhara ,Punjab and Gujarat  and there is urgent need to revoke the cotton export ban without quota and further restrictions any keeping raw cotton under OGL informed farm activist Kishore Tiwari   of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti VJAS who are protesting the commerce ministry decision  and this will adversely effect more than 7 million cotton growers of India mostly debt trapped and killing themselves due to on going agrarian crisis.

“If GOM fails to respond to sentiments of millions of farmers and traders than we will start indefinite hunger fast from tomorrow 10th March  along with hundreds farm widows  at village Maregoan Sonbardi where parliament committee headed Basudeo Achariaji s recenly visited to know reasons of on going farm suicides  and  UPA has given them reason within week of parliament panel visit” Tiwari added.

“when Indian domestic demand is just 20 million bales as against national production of 33 million bales there is no reason put restrictions when interest of domestic textile mills are fully protected .the decision to ban Indian cotton export is another example rampant corruption going on in UPA Govt. there is big names involved in the sudden export ban will expose the all misdeeds of commerce ministry hence for the first time farmers suicide issue has given focus of wrong policies of state ,we will see that the truth is prevailed”  Tiwari added.
                 Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti VJAS  chief Kishor Tiwari alleged that the ban was a result of large scale massive corruption in Ministry of Commerce. “We will file public interest litigation in this regard before Nagpur bench of Mumbai High Court so that cotton growers get justice. The ban has raised eyebrows of farm activists and cotton-growers from Vidarbha region, where cotton farmers are committing suicides due to agrarian crisis and cotton price failure, which is a result of export restrictions and monopolies of few MNCs that are controlling total input-output of cotton crop. The ban has surprised Ministry of Textiles as well as Ministry of agriculture. Dubbing the move to ban cotton export as ‘deep-rooted scam effected by a handful of babus in Ministry of Commerce’, VJAS chief has written to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture to order CBI probe into the export ban order. 
                Tiwari pointed out the cotton production in India was around 34 million bales as against domestic demand of 20 million bales. Last year, there was stock of 8 million bales. There is less demand in domestic market and hence cotton prices are around Rs.3,500 per quintal as against global prices that are above Rs. 5,000 per quintal. Hence, all arguments of Ministry of Commerce for imposing ban on cotton export are ridiculous, he added.
                   The decision for imposing ban has been taken ‘to favors garment manufactures’, he alleged while seeking CBI probe into the matter.

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