Friday, 16 March 2012

Union Budget 2012: Vidarbha farmers again ignored by Budget

Union Budget 2012: Vidarbha farmers again ignored by Budget

Nagpur 16-03-2012
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee Friday announced in the general budget failed to impress the cotton famers and farm widows of the Vidarbha region, an activist said here today.

"There is no relief package for those dry land farmers who are in distress and lost cotton drop this year farmers or farm widows who have lost their husbands to debt and bad crops," said Kishor Tiwari, president of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS).

"This budget is as bad as earlier budgets. Our demand to lift restrictions on cotton export, a bail-out package for dying cotton farmers and rehabilitation of 10,000 farm widows has been ignored completely," Tiwari said.

While VJAS welcomed the relief in the three interest rate rebate on crop loan, but this year hardly five %   cotton farmers can take advantage of this due to severe cotton crop loss hence dry land farmers are demanding fresh crop loan from Govt. banks in order to
Exploitation from local moneylenders.

“After Prime Minister Package in July vidarbha farm hit region was given Rs.5000 crore under AIBP against regional backlog of Rs.46000 crore that time but state  Govt. opened irrigation projects amounting more than Rs.53,000 crore which is mainly contractor driven and massive corruption was reported hence Rs.300 crore in the green revolution is just peanut and this will be drained out by same contractors and ministers” Tiwari added.
‘Vidarbha cotton farmers are demanding sustainable farming in place very risky chemical farming and special promotion to traditional crops of pluses and editable oils but budget fails to address this issue too. There is basic need of community seed bank and this demand has not considered this year too.’Tiwari added.
‘Union budget this year too failed address issue of food security to tribal and dry land farmers hence we want that parliament should look in to these issues    and solve the main issue of seed, credit and support price for Agri. Produce to stop on going farmers suicides” Kishore Tiwari  

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