Monday, 6 February 2012

UPA Agrarian policies is responsible for retardation of Agri. Growth: National Agrarian crisis is hitting hard national income National Income, 2011-12

 UPA Agrarian policies is responsible for   retardation of Agri. Growth: National Agrarian crisis is hitting hard national income National Income, 2011-12
Nagpur-5th February. 2012            
The Central Statistics Office (CSO), today  released the advance estimates, for the financial year 2011-12, has exposed once again that the major retardation in agriculture growth  has not only brought brown Gross Domestic Product (GDP) due to major drop in agriculture growth and has once again put question mark on the on going agriculture policies of UPA  which has claimed more than 2 lakhs farmers who are mostly dry land farmers who were forced to shift for very costly  rain sensitive cash crop like cotton and sugarcane   hence the changes in UPA Agriculture policies are must that will not only increase growth but will also stop on going farmers genocide informed Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti in press note .
“ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at the growth rate of  6.9  per cent in GDP during 2011-12  has been  in comparison  to earlier growth rates of over 8 per cent is due to sudden drop in agriculture, forestry and fishing’ sector is likely to show a growth  2.5  per cent in its GDP during 2011-12, as against the previous year’s growth rate of  7.0  per cent. According to the information furnished by the Department of Agriculture has put question mark on the Agriculture ministry claims of bumper crop and record production of   cotton and sugarcane  and  UPA should change it basic policies in Agriculture which is promoting MNC in name of second green and genetic revolution ” Tiwari added.
Today data once again proved that  Indian agriculture is in doldrums. Lakhs of farmers have committed suicide. Millions supplant their meagre earnings from farming by working in local factories and brick kilns, or by migrating to cities to work as labour. Step into the house of a small and marginal farmer, who now comprise 92% of all farming households in India and official from record of  11th Five-Year Plan document, are either degraded or sick. Intensive agriculture has leached nutrients and organic carbon from the soil. When  rain-dependent fields account for 60% of India's net sown area farminf are forced Bt.cotton and sugar cane substituting  jawar, wheat, paddy, pulses and coarse cereals, Tiwari said
“We have been demanding with UPA govt. not to ignored Indian 70% dry land farmers in the so called second  Green Revolution which was designed to crate monopoly of American MNCs  but promoting Gm crop which needed plenty of water and chemical inputs. Vidarbha more than 3 million cotton farmers have been trapped in UPA Govt.’s second revolution and it needs drastic change  to save innocent farmers  and increase GDP in two digit” Tiwari urged. 

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