Monday, 5 December 2011

VJAS Urged BJP Prez. to ask BJP ruled state to take cotton MSP

VJAS Urged BJP Prez. to ask BJP ruled state to take cotton MSP

NAGPUR: December 6th 2011

This year for kharif season 2010-11 area under cotton cultivation is record 12 million         hector across the eight stats which are    Maharashtra, Andhra,Gujrat, Karnataka, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh,  Chhattisgarh , Rajasthan but  even after severe crop failure in all the states only two states Maharashtra  and Andhra  has officially asked union Govt. to raise cotton MSP from existing Rs.3,000 pr quintal to Rs.6,000/- per quintal recently backed by chief minister of Punjab Prakashsingh Badal followed by some section of administration but Union Agri. Minister Sharad Pawar in Karnataka has bn justified the CACP cotton MSP by saying that There are seven other cotton-producing states. They have all accepted the Minimum Support Price (MSP) worked out by the Centre for cotton. If the state wants to give relief to cotton farmers they should accept the MSP,which has put 5 million cotton growers of his own state Maharashtra   as cotton which was getting Rs.4400/- has come down to Rs.3400/- in last week hence BJP demanding higher MSP to Maharashtra cotton farmers ,should ask BJP ruled cotton growing states like Gujarat, M.P. ,Karnataka and Chhattisgarh collectively raise the same demand of higher MSP to cotton an BJP Prez. President Nitin Gadkariji should ask all chief ministers to air dash to Delhi to save dying cotton farmers of Vidarbha  , Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti ( VJAS)  informed in press release today.

“The section of Congress-NCP leaders and farm activist like Vijay Jawandhia and Prakash Pohare are accusing BJP of dual standards for cotton growers of India  as they are not pushing same higher MSP demand from these states to centre ,putting state BJP is on the back foot moreover strong textile lobby of Gujarat is asking chief ministr not raise the issue of higher MSP to cotton farmers even after Gujarat farmers too demanding higher price for cotton’’ Tiwari added.

‘BJP national president is from vidarbha and he is aware of plights of cotton growers of the region and recent crop failure hence we are he will ask all BJP ruled states to take up issue of cotton MSP hike which is inactive consideration CACP’ Tiwari said.

The hostile approach and complete apathy of UPA Govt. is very unfortunate that Union Agriculture Minister is from Maharashtra and he knows the ground reality that 90% area under cotton and soya is rain fed and cost of cultivation for Bt cotton is almost three times and yield is only 25% in comparison to cotton farmers in state where irrigation facility is more hence bailout package for Maharashtra cotton farmers is must which is denied allowing more farmers to die’ Tiwari added. 

“we have been demanding the vidarbha agrarian crisis should tackled on war footing and issue MSP and cash compensation to huge crop failure should be announced with outing more farmers to kill themselves ” Tiwari urged. 

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