Monday, 19 December 2011

Vidarbha Farmers Welcome Govt. Decision of JPC on ‘Farmers' Suicides Issue’

Vidarbha Farmers Welcome Govt. Decision of JPC on ‘Farmers' Suicides Issue’

NAGPUR -Dec 19,  9:42 PM
Vidarbha cotton farmers who are deep grip of   Agrarian Crisis since 2005 and mounting distress and despair is inviting cotton farmers to kill themselves today welcome the  government proposal to form  a Parliamentary panel to visit states afflicted with farmers' suicides and give correct assessment of the situation. It was announced by Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar in  a debate in Rajya Sabha on agrarian crisis, having said there is a vast difference between the numbers of farmers who have committed suicide given by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and the states.
The NCRB pegged the figure at 15,900, while according to state governments it is 800 for the year 2010. "There is such a vast difference. My appeal to the Chair and to the House is that let us appoint a House Committee of both the Houses. Let us visit states," Sharad Pawar said.

‘We welcome decision as always this matter of dispute with administration with farmer suicide number ,even farmer suicide in only indicator of severity of agrarian crisis in the region  ,the nation should get true picture of rural economy in which farmers are forced to kill themselves ,it is matter of shame as National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) record since 1997 more than 2,56,000 farmers suicides reported at vidarbha is epicenter of this mass genocide as we have been accusing the state policies are killing the farmers not the nature ’ said Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, a farmers’ advocacy group who are documenting farmers suicides in vidarbha since 1997  .

‘for the first time  Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has admitted that Bt.cotton yield in vidrabh is less 1.2.quintal per hector which is par below the national average  Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar  proposal that the MPs can visit some of the affected villages and families will  give recommendations that will be useful to improve the agriculture sector of the nation. It will be a great opportunity for activist farmers to show true picture before service to the country’ Tiwari added.

‘As various measures taken and packages by the Centre and the States for the welfare of the farming community are only increasing farmers suicides in India and majority of them are dry land farmers who are cultivating high risk cash crop like cotton hence income base relief to dry land is must in order to stop on going farmers genocide hence we welcome the proposed JPC to look the root cause of the farmers crisis’ Tiwari said.

After globalization India having singed agreement with WTO  India lifted quantitative restriction on import in 2004  allowing cheaper subsidies cotton in flow that brought down price where as permission to GM cotton seed popularly known as Bt.cotton has triggers massive wave of farmers suicides and vidarbha epicenter of that crisis as this highly controversial killer seed has increased cost of cultivation three times  where as production has been dropped down and this is proven fact that in Maharashtra area under cultivation has increased from 4 lakh hector 44 lakhs hector and in India from 8 lakh hector to 120 lakhs hectors the official record shows that Indian cotton production has not been increased where at present more than 10 million cotton farmers in India are in deep distress and huge debt due to crop failure in last three years.

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