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Maharashtra Farmers lost Rs.10,000 crore due Bt.cotton failure in 2011

 Maharashtra Farmers lost Rs.10,000 crore due Bt.cotton failure in 2011

Nagpur -22nd December 2011

The announcement of Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiviraj Chavan that Govt. will bailout package to Maharashtra dry land farmers to tune of Rs.2000 crore that will cover crop failure of Bt.cotton in 40 lakhs hector in the year 2011-12 which is second in last five years when in year 2005-2006 Maharashtra Govt. compensated dry land cotton farmers of state after Bt.cotton failed to the tune of Rs.220 crore as it was grown  in 4 lakhs hector only when Bt. cotton was approved for commercial cultivation in nine states by Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) but as Per Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar own admission that average  yield of Bt.cotton in dry land area of Maharashtra is only  125 kg of Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) cotton lint when average cultivation is cost is Rs.40,000/- per hector hence now it’s official that  dry land cotton farmers who opted Bt.cotton in 40 lakhs hector is likely to loose Rs.10,000 crore as per initial estimate of crop failre reported by mahrashtra administration , Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, a farmers’ advocacy group who are documenting Bt.cotton crop failure and farmers suicides in vidarbha since 2005 informed in a press release today.
‘The admission of   Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar  that Bt.cotton yoeld minimum in Maharashtra and compensation package of Rs.2000 crore promptly announced by Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiviraj Chavan for Bt.cotton crop failure has once again substantiated our long pending demand that highly rain sensitive and climate sensitive Gm cotton crop has been getting failed since 2005 and should banned  even after very toll claim of GM seed American giant Monsanto and it’s completely complete economic collapse of Maharashtra and has extended farm suicide spiral from west vidarbha to all dry land region Maharashtra due to Bt. Cotton crop cultivation’ Tiwari added.
Here is Table that give detail of Rs.10,000 crore Bt. Cotton crop failure in Maharashtra

Bt.cotton crop failure in Maharashtra as reported by Chief Minister Prathiviraj Chavan
Bt.cotton average yield in Maharashtra  as reported Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar 
Total cultivation cost of Bt. cotton cost  as per average
Taken by administration 
Return income to Bt.cotton farmers of Maharashtra 
Estimated Bt.cotton crop losses in mahrashtra fro year 2011-12
 40 lakhs hector
125 kg of lint per hector i.e. 400kg of cotton
Rs.40,000 per hector and total=Rs.16000 crore
Rs.6,000 crore maximum.
Rs.10,000 crore

“The above admission of Union Agriculture Minister and relief packages given by Maharashtra Chief Minister has made all  Studies conducted by CICR as rabbish and nonsense that showed there was enormous farmer support for Bt. cotton as is evident from the fact that more than 90% of the area in all the cotton growing states in India is now under Bt. cotton. Maximum gains in yield increase have been obtained Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. More ground reality contradicts the claim of CICR that Cultivation of genetically modified (GM) variety Bt cotton has helped in reducing use of pesticides and insecticides  as pr Monsanto BT cotton bollguard I and II  has developed  resistance to insects `American and spotted bollworms` including other types of sucking pests were still needed to be controlled through the use of per report of west vidarbha Bt.cotton cultivation has increased toxicity  to birds, fish, cow, goat and soil micro-organisms moreover farmers have complained that cottonseed cakes available in the market are harming their cattle as their animals are suffering from diseases, specially lack of appetite, and decline in milk production, premature deliveries and sudden deaths due to unknown cause. there are high rise in health cost in these area where Bt.cotton is cultivated since 2005 and hence there should corrective action  to protect environmental degradation and toxicity of Gm seed and crop in this to ban it’s cultivation ”Tiwari urged.
After globalization India having singed agreement with WTO  India lifted quantitative restriction on import in 2004  allowing cheaper subsidies cotton in flow that brought down price where as permission to GM cotton seed popularly known as Bt.cotton has triggers massive wave of farmers suicides and vidarbha epicenter of that crisis as this highly controversial killer seed has increased cost of cultivation three times  where as production has been dropped down and this is proven fact that in Maharashtra area under cultivation has increased from 4 lakh hector 44 lakhs hector and in India from 8 lakh hector to 120 lakhs hectors the official record shows that Indian cotton production has not been increased where at present more than 10 million cotton farmers in India are in deep distress and huge debt due to crop failure in last three years.
The killer seed company Monsanto has been able to create it’s monopoly in Bt.cotton seed  having illuminate local hybrid seed  in last five years has created havoc as it’s officials admission that Bt.cotton seed BollGaurd I and II failed to protect plant from certain pest due to resistance now they are introducing BollGaurd III .Infact cotton farmers who are cultivating Bt.cotton in 122 lakhs hctor massive land in India are dry land farmers and they are rain fed farmers where as less than 2% has got  assured irrigation facility hence they working are bounded labor of this American seed company Monsanto which has   increased it’s turn over in India to 100 times within time of 6 years off course this has happened with help of massive involvement of ICAR ,Babus and ministers concerned hence thse farmers suicides are not suicides they genocide done by the Monsanto.
Vidarbha is one of the better examples of this on going genocide as in Maharashtra killer seed Bt.cotton seed was introduced for commercial cultivation which was failed in 2005-06 and Maharashtra Govt. Compensated  for Bt.cotton seed failure  but failed to stop spiral farm suicides. There is admission over admission that west vidarbha cotton farmer is dry land farmer and rain sensitive Bt.cotton should be banned but nothing ha sbeen done so far as all involved in this genocide are enjoying the profits. In the last five years many such packages - loan waivers, compensation for damaged crops, subsidies for farm ponds - have come the farmers' way in Vidarbha. All these measures have not made an iota of a difference in the life of the region's farmers. The only thing certain in Vidarbha's farms is the harvest of suicides.

Time has come for the state as well as the Union government to come out with a permanent solution for dryland farmers whose life hinges on vagaries of nature. Over 5 million families in the state solely depend on cotton as a cash crop.
The area under cotton cultivation now exceeds 44 lakh hectares, nearly 54% of total cotton growing area of the country. New areas in Marathwada and even western Maharashtra are taking to cotton only to find that in dryland areas yields are too low to break even. Recurring losses mean piling up of debt burden forcing farmers to commit suicide.

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