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Big Drop in Cotton crop as Oct 1-Dec 25 cotton supplies down by 25%

Big Drop in Cotton crop   as Oct 1-Dec 25 cotton supplies down by 25%

Nagpur - 29th December 2012
After one of the largest cotton producing state Maharashtra officially  reported cotton crop failure in 4 million hector the claim of  Indian Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar that other part of India cotton crop yield is much better than dry land region of Maharashtra is likely to be proving wrong as per recent official report  on India’s cotton arrivals from the new-season crop fell 25% from a year earlier between Oct. 1 and Dec. 25  as after maharashtra another largest cotton producer of  state Andhra Pradesh has also reported major cotton crop failure asking central intervention to compensate the farmer’s losses @ Rs.15,000/- per acre where as another highly irrigated cotton growing state Punjab has approached  central Govt. to increase cotton MSP to bailout cotton farmers same is the case with Gujarat where Arrivals decreased 22% to 2.9 million bales in Gujarat state, the country's largest cotton producer, and halved to 1.4 million bales in second-largest grower Maharashtra and Gujarat cotton farmers and Gujarat state unit of congress party has asked for higher procurement price of  cotton claiming to have significant drop in cotton production is this state too, Hence maharashtra cotton farmers   once again  asked centre to hike the minimum support price MSP  to be raised to about Rs.6,000 per 100 kg, from Rs.3,300, due to rising input costs and drop in yield ,Kishor Tiwari, president of Nagpur-based Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti, (VJAS), activist group working for cotton farmer rights informed in a Press release today.

‘As  Indian cotton supplies in the world's second-largest producer during pick period of arrival has reported declined to 8.8 million bales from 11.8 million bales a year earlier, according to the latest data from the state-run Cotton Corp. of India shows cotton growers are in deep trouble and vidarbha cotton growers issue can not be discussed isolation  hence Indian Govt. should  hike minimum support price  MSP on national level without any delay ’Tiwari asked centre .

“This year in India more than 122 million hector land is under cotton cultivation which record highest area in world comparing US and china  but recent trend of cotton arrivals is showing clear trend of lowest cotton production likely go under 30 millions bales as against  35 million bales  produced last year which is very serious issue  hence cotton farmers in India needs urgent bailout package to compensate the huge economic losses due to severe crop failure and step hike in input and cultivation cost .there is long pending demand of dry land farmers who are doing rain fed farming  should get income incentive so that they divert the crop pattern from cotton to food crop but  it is not being addressed’’ Tiwari added.

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