Wednesday, 2 November 2011

VJAS urged for Debate on BJP President bailout Plans for Vidarbha Farmers

VJAS urged for Debate on BJP President bailout Plans for Vidarbha Farmers

Nagpur-3rd Nov.2011
BJP president Nitin Gadkari  on going mega announcements of  millions of employments and billions crore bailout plans for debt ridden dying vidarbha farmers asking them to opt water sensitive sugarcane cultivation replacing paddy and jawar in dry land area of vidarbha has offended vidarbha farmers advocacy  Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti ( VJAS )  as these sugar factories are only producing ethanol, liquor and power ,will crate problems food security ,public health and very big environmental disaster if  BJP President’s bailout Plans for Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis hence national debate and review is needed light with on going flooding of power plants and liquor-ethanol factories 
‘Just before taking  charge of   BJP national president Nitin Gadkari in 2009 was brand ambassador of congress lead Govt. major economic development project MIHAN promising 1 million job in 2010 and 10 million 2020  which has been turned hoax today ,now he is giving same toll promises to dying vidarbha  farmers who are in agrarian distress and severe economic crisis mainly due to wrong policies of state of not providing market and procurement infrastructure to their traditional paddy crop ,asking them for sugarcane cultivation which will crate very serious water crisis in the region  and this is unplanned development of the region  will spread farm suicide spiral in east vidarbha  hence we are asking for national debate on claims of  BJP President bailout Plans as this is part of mega plan of making vidarbha as ‘Power-Liquor-Ethanol Hub’   and all national parties are having partnership in this anti-farmer cartel ’ Kishore Tiwari   Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti ( VJAS )  added in his press note today.

Vidarbha is region which is under agrarian crisis as main cash crop region cotton and paddy has been making huge losses due to wrong policies of state but replacing these dry land farming area with highly water sensitive sugarcane crop in order to get molasses fro liquor and ethanol manufacturing and start power plant at the cost of state subsidy to sale power in national grid will not fetch money to dying vidarbha farmers  and   all 22 closed sugar factories which is being purchased by Purti Group keeping eye on power generation and green fuel  will ruin the agrarian community in near future as this is not  eco-friendly sustainable approach and it’s impact will have long term environmental damages to central Indian ‘Tiger Zone’ forestry .

‘Nitin Gadkari is too innocent to understand the seriousness of his mega plan of having all closed sugar factories re-operational to manufacture ethanol, liquor and power but some body should tell him the degradation of land ,drop in ground water level and sugar growers economic crisis in western maharashtra. Over all food security is major issue and one can not ask paddy farmer to cultivate sugarcane as paddy is not feasible to grow  in fact the answer is to get chear food to dying poors paddy growers of vidarbha needs higher minimum support price and assured procurement of state on that price other wise days are not far to have farmers suicide spiral spreading in east vidarbha farmers only difference this time  credit of mass farmer genocide will shift to BJP supreme  Nitin Gadkari not traditional congress party ‘’Tiwari added..

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