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Four more vidarbha farmers suicides in day :Team Anna supports vidarbha cotton farmers

Four more vidarbha farmers suicides in day :Team Anna supports vidarbha cotton farmers

Nagpur -7th November , 2011
When Team Anna core committee member Arvind Kejriwal was assuring dying vidarbha cotton farmer in Amaravati (vidarbha) yesterday that Only Jan Lokpal bill, and not prime minister's relief package can help Vidarbha farmers. Ultimately, it is corruption that is eating away the money meant for the needy and announcing the intention to take mass genocide of cotton farmers at national level through Indian Against Corruption  (IAC) same time four more distressed debt trapped farmers were committing suicides in the vidarbha region as reports published here ,recent victims identified as
1.Kailas Solanki of Karanjkhed in Yavatmal
2.Kisan Mahurle of Sonbardi in Yavatmal
3.Jevan Raghatate of Rehaki in Wardha
4.Ratan Nagtode of Udapur in Chandrapur

Earlier sin the same week since Monday Ten more debt trapped farmers killed them selves in this week since Monday  from the dying field of west vidarbha taking toll to 667 in year 2011, ill feted farmers were reported earlier
1.Parshuram Jabhulkar of Pandharkawada(Pisgoan) in Yavatmal
2.Gajanan Sawant of Pangara Pole in Buldhana
3.Anata Bhilange of Nivana in Buldhana
4.Vithoba Munde of Sonasi in Buldhana
5.Gajanan Kavate of Palodi in Akola
6.Devrao Nimbolkar in asola in Akola
7.Sukhadev Pawar of amadi in Yavatmal
8.Ashok Chintelwar of karegoan(bandal) in Yavatmal
9.Ramesh Tekam of Mangarda in Yavatmal
10.Dadarao Nage of Lohgoan in Amaravati

Kishor Tiwari, president of Nagpur-based Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, (VJAS), activist group working for cotton farmer rights informed in a Press release today.

Arvind  Kejriwal allged that  how vested corporate interests are purposely killing the cotton trade so that they make huge profits ,lawmakers corruption at top has created vertical and horizontal monopoly in inputs like seed, fertilizer and pesticides and out like cotton ,soybean  is killing the innocent farmers of vidarbha  . "The minimum support price for cotton has just been raised, after almost four years, to Rs 3,300. Even though cotton prices are higher in international markets our farmers cannot benefit from those. I want to tell you that entire Team Anna is with Vidarbha farmers, " said Kejriwal.

The official national farm suicide data of NCRB become official which has reported that the country has seen over a quarter of a million farmers’ suicides between 1995 and 2010. The National Crime Records Bureau’s latest report on ‘Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India’ places the number for 2010 at 15,964. That brings the cumulative 16-year total from 1995 — when the NCRB started recording farm suicide data — to 2,56,913, the worst-ever recorded wave of suicides of this kind in human history andMaharashtra posts a dismal picture with over 50,000 farmers killing themselves in the country's richest State in that period. It also remains the worst State for such deaths for a decade now.
Close to two-thirds of all farm suicides have occurred in five States:Maharashtra, Karnataka, A.P., Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
local leading daily reported today that around 15 lakh Hector Bt.cotton crop has been lost in six district of west vidarbha where in Maharashtra most of Bt.cotton crop has been damaged due to delayed rain and erratic weather condition .Maharashtra is the state where Bt.cotton has crossed 50 lakhs hector this year out of which more than 35 lakhs hector is purely dry land area where rainy water is only source.

Situation of cotton growers in west Vidarbha has worsened with the wrong policies of the state and particularly ban of cotton export time to time. The Bt cotton seeds promoted by the state have increased the economic pressure on farmers instead of resulting in higher yields of disease free crops. Already a low return and high risk livelihood, these policies that claim to reduce the risk have only increased the cost of farming. As a result, the cotton economy of the region has collapsed, resulting in mass suicide since 2001, he pointed out that when the rate of cotton lint gets a rate of $5.346 per kg in USA (around Rs 8,906 per quintal), the farmers of Vidarbha was getting a meager rate of Rs 4,000 per quintal.
VJAS that has been documenting the farmers' suicide in the region, said that most of the cotton farmers were distressed because of meagre rate of raw cotton in the market this season.

"There is a need for state government's intervention in this regard. The government should provide at least Rs 6,000 per quintal. The chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had promised that he would talk with the union government for better support price for the raw cotton.However, nothing has been done in this regard,"Tiwari alleged.
The minimum support price for the cotton was announced just Rs 3,300 per quintal when the rate was over Rs 6,000 last year, he pointed out.
Tiwari continued, "The government did not concede our demand of providing food security to desperate, distressed and marginal farmers even. The government needs to behave sensibly and responsibly to address farmers' woes and prevent the prevailing spate of suicide in the killing fields of Vidarbha." If the cotton growers do not get better price this season, the situation will assume drastic proportions, he cautioned.
 VJAS has urged Govt. of India to send team of expert to assess the Bt. Cotton crop damage in maharashtra and west vidarbha in particular where cotton farmers are killing themselves .VJAS has been demanding hike in cotton MSP Rs.6000/- per quintal and relief package to dying cotton farmers of region, Tiwari added.

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