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NGOs unite against thermal plants in Vidarbha -TIMES OF INDIA

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NGOs unite against thermal plants

NAGPUR: Vidarbha Environmental Action Group (VEAG) and India Peace Centre have decided to launch an awareness drive against the ill effects of large number of coal-fired thermal power plants coming up in Vidarbha. A discussion was held by the centre on this topic on Wednesday.

Paramjit Singh Ahuja threw light over the open loot of farmers in laying of transmission lines. "Take the case of Koradi-Wardha 400 KV line. A corridor of 171 feet is wasted under the line. However, the farmer gets a paltry life time compensation of Rs 50,000 per tower. If mobile companies can pay between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month, why not transmission utilities?"

Ahuja said that electromagnetic radiation from the lines kills birds and bees, which are pollinating agents thereby reducing agricultural yield. "The best solution is underground cables and infrastructure corridor even though they are quite costly."

Sudhir Paliwal highlighted the ill effects of thermal power plants and demonstrated how Vidarbha would turn into an environmental graveyard if all the proposed 89 power plants having generation capacity 55,000 MW become operational.

"Take Mihan's example. We were promised host of things like IT park, health city, large number of manufacturing units, etc. However, the only thing that has come up so far is a power plant that is selling power to outside."

Ahuja and Paliwal appealed to Vidarbha Economic Development Council's (VED's) new president Devendra Parekh to extend cooperation in saving the environment.


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